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Who does the voice of the chipmunks in Alvin and the chipmunks?


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December 27, 2009 5:00PM

Well, there is a big difference in voice actors, ranging from 1958-Today. The original voice for The Chipmunks in 1958 was provided by their creator, Ross Bagdasarian. In 1961, their first tv show, The Alvin Show, hit CBS Primetime. When Ross passed away in the 70's, his son, Ross Jr, along with his wife, Janice Karman, took up the role and did their voices in the 1980's cartoon series. Here is the voice cast-

Ross Bagdasarian Jr.- Alvin, Simon, and Dave

Jesse McCartney- Theodore

The new Live/CGI film, produced by Tom Hill, brought forth new, fresh actors, to take Ross and Janice's place.

Alvin was played by Justin Long, Simon played by Matthew Gray Gubler, and Theodore, played by Jesse McCartney.

Hope that is enough info!