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Colin Raye did the voiceover for Apple in the previous video spot, but I'm not sure if this is his voice with Vince Gill....... Colin Raye did the voiceover for apple in the previous video commercial, but I'm not sure if it's him on this one with Vince Gill......


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Apples can grow and fruit in different regions of the Philippines, although not in commercial quantity.

An apple is a apple.Its a type of fruit.

I'd say both * The apple is the fruit of the apple tree (plant).

no a apple is a health fruit no a apple is a health fruit

Apple is an acidic fruit with pH 3.4 if i am not wrong

because his favourite fruit fruit was apple

Fruit of the Loom AppleIt is Rad Daly, I've worked with him before on a couple commercials. He's hilarious, great comic actor. More info on Rad Daly.

The adaptation of an apple fruit is by ................................................. FIND IT OUT YOURSELF! XD

No a apple is not a berry it is a fruit!!

No-- An apple is the fruit of a plant. The seeds for apple trees are on the inside of the apple fruit in what is commonly known as "the core" no it is not, but apples produce seeds.

Take a cutting from mature tree and replant it. This is how all commercial apple trees are grown. Seeds from an apple tree will not produce the same flavor of fruit as what the "parent" tree produced.

An apple is a fruit, but not a citrus. A fruit is distinguished from vegetables by having seeds, which an apple does have, but only oranges and grapefruits and fruits like that are citrus fruit. It is also a pome fruit.

There are numerous varieties of apple trees that produce red fruit.

The apple fruit comes from where the tree bears fruit, the top of the tree it is formed when the flowers close up and ripen. Then they form the fruit.

It depends on which apple the apple fruit or the Apple company

'Apple' is 'apple' in Malayalam too.

Robert Loggia plays the trainer in the Apple TV commercial.

Fruit Most definatly a fruit

Proper grammar is 'an' apple.

An apple is a fruit tree.

No the apple is a fruit, it is not a nut

An apple is a fruit, not a vegetable.

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