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Who elects members of congress?

We the people elect the members of congress.

Who elects the Chinese president?

The National Peoples' Congress

Who elects Ohio's congress?

There is no 'congress' in Ohio, their legislative body is known as the legislature and they are elected by the citizens who vote.

Who elects members for congress?

The people of the state vote for the senate members.

Who directly elects US congress?

Their constituants. (the people in the state they are from that vote for them)

Who elects congress?

The electorate aka the people.AnswerThe people elect all the members of congress. It was not this way in the original constitution.== == == == == ==

Who elects members of the congress?

The American people vote for it every 6 years

Does congress elect the president?

No, the people and the electoral college system elects the president.

What branch of government elects congress?

none The voting public of each US congressional district elects one US Representative, and the voting public of each US state elects two US Senators.

Why did the framers of constitution decide in allowing Congress to select the president?

Congress does not select the president, the Electoral College actually elects him.

Who elects members of the executive branch?

Members are appointed by the Legislative Branch but are checked by Congress

Two of what represent each state in congress?

Each State elects two senators.

What house of congress has 100 members?

The Senate, each state elects two to represent them.

What members of the congress elected from a state depends on the population?

The Senate elects two members from every state no matter the population. The House of Representatives elects members based on population.

How many house districts are in Montana?

Montana elects one US Representative At Large for the congress.

Who elects the Politburo?

A politburo is the executive branch of a communist political party. A central committee, elected by Congress, elects the politburo. The first politburo was created by the by the Russian Bolshevik Party in 1917.

What is a section of state that elects a representative to congress?

isn't the judical branch that's elects a reprensentative to state Each state is divided into several Districts. Each District elects representatives to the House of Representatives in Congress. Senators are elected by the State as a whole, two per state. Each state has a number of representatives based upon its population. More populous states have more representatives in the House.

How did the states represent themselves in congress?

Every state elects two senators to represent them in the senate. The number of representatives that they send to the House depends on the state's population, but every state elects at least one.

Who elects the Vice- President if there is no majority in the Electoral College?

The Congress would decide who the Vice-president would be.

Who has the power to confirm the vice president?

The electoral college that elects the president also elects the vice president. In the event that a new vice president is appointed because of a vacancy, both houses of Congress have to confirm the president's appointee.

Who elects the member of the US Congress?

Congress is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives, whose members are elected by the citizens of the state they are running for office in, so they are elected by the people of their state.

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