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Who else sing song hey Melissa or sweet Melissa?

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the alman brothers sand 'sweet melissa'

2009-09-22 13:47:48
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Which band recorded the song Sweet Melissa?

The song "Sweet Melissa" was recorded by the Allman Brothers. It was first titled as "Melissa" in 1967 and would later be featured on the film Brokeback Mountain, and the commercial for Cingular and AT&T Wireless.

Did barry manilow sing a song with Melissa in the lyrics?

"Could it Be Magic" used the lyrics "sweet Melissa, angel of my lifetime." Anymore, he frequently changes this to "heaven sent you, angel of my lifetime." "You've Got a Friend," the Carol King classic he recorded with Melissa Manchester on his album, The Greatest Songs of the Seventies, also uses the name Melissa when he says, "Sweet Melissa, you just call out my name."

Does Reba and Melissa sing the Reba theme song?

Well you are half right. Reba sings it, but not Melissa!

What is the song title of the song with the lyrics sweet Melissa?

Most likely the song you are referring to is "Melissa" by the Allman Brothers Band. You can always try googling the lyrics.

What is a good song to sing on stage?

Sweet Caroline

In the Allman Brothers song Sweet Melissa what was the true name of the gypsy the song refers to?

The Allman Brothers song, Sweet Melissa, is a song penned by Gregg Allman. He was having trouble with the name and almost settled on Delilah. He was in a grocery store when a Spanish woman and her little girl came in. The little girl ran off, and the mother said Melissa, come back. Then and there he settled on the name Melissa.

Who sings the song keep me in your will?

Melissa Jo Elliott sing this song. Her website Lyrics are posted there too.

What song does SpongeBob sing in the dome?

It's called "Sweet Victory"

What song does SpongeBob sing in the concert?

Sweet Victory by Van Halen

Did Melissa Etheridge sing the song Black Velvet?

No. All sites purporting to be Melissa Etheridge singing Black Velvet are actually playing the Allanah Myles version. ...Actually she did sing a version of the song black velvet. I haven't yet been able to find it to listen to online but I used to have the song downloaded.

What song did Ryan Cabrera sing on Super Sweet Sixteen?

On the Way Down

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don't sing give her attention Sing your "our song" even if you can't sing it is really sweet and romantic.

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hailey Williams eminem and someone else

What is a adorble sweet song?

go to youtube and enter the cuppycake song if you like it and want to sing it search for the cuppycake song lyrics.this song is describing how sweet a little girl's special someone using candy names

What genre is the song sing sing sing?

If you are talking about the song featuring Benny Goodman, that's jazz. If you're talking about the song written by Chris Tomlin, that's religious pop. If it's something else... I have no idea.

What song did Noah Puckerman sing to Rachel Berry in glee season 2?

Sweet Caroline

Who sings the song sweet romance?

You could be referring to either Donna Summer or The Band. Both sing songs titled Sweet Romance.

Who sings the song sweet Melissa?

The Allman Brothers, Greg Allman singing. Former Cher husband, post Sonny.

What else did Jeff Washburn sing besides huntik theme song?


What is the song in super sweet 16 the movie aly and aj when the door rang?

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Did 10cc sing love is like oxygen?

No. "Love Is Like Oxygen" is a song by the British band Sweet.