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Marilyn Manson has done a cover of this song

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Who else sung Madonnas' material girl?

Hilary and Hailey Duff for their movie Material Girls.

Who sings the song Like a Surgeon?

The song "Like a Surgeon" was sung by Weird Al Yankovic. It was a parody of the song "Like a Virgin" by Madonna. It was released in 1985 and was released again in 1993.

What songs did the cheerios from glee sing before like a virgin?

Kurt and Mercedes with the cheerios sung "4 Minutes" but the one they danced to was "Ray of Light"

Who else sung gone to Shiloh other than Elton John and Leon Russell?

The second verse is sung by Neil Young

What liturgical occasion was Hildegard's Alleluia O virga mediatrix sung?

a feast day for the Virgin Mary... I think...

What songs are on Susan Boyle's album?

I heard her sing "Cry Me a River" like no one else has ever sung it. Absolutely beautiful.I am hoping this is one of them.

Who else has sung Jennifer Nettles Stay?

Ronnie Dunn from Brooks&Dunn

What is the most famous hymns about the virgin Mary?

Ave Maria is a prayer to Mary that is sung. 'The Magnificat' is also sung and is the words spoken by Mary after the angel had brought her the news that she would bear God's son.

Who else sung right round?

Roght Round - Flo Rida (Ft. Keysha)

What language is Waka Waka sung in?

I think it is in Nigerian language but it might be something else.

When is the song Las Maรฑanitas usually sung?

The song Las Mananitas is usually sung in Mexico at birthday parties. Usually sang before eating the cake and also as part of the custom of serenading women. It can also be sung to serenade saints (including the Virgin Mary) on their feast days.

Who sung Like A Prayer?


Who sings the virgin mobile song?

Feeling good was originally sung by Nina Simone but the one in the advert is by a group called Muse

Does Honeymoon Suite sing she's a lot like you?

No, "She's A Lot Like You" is sung by AudioAlysis and "She's Just A Whole Lot Like You" is sung by Hank Thompson

Who sung a moment like this?

kelly clarkson

Who has sung baby i like it?

Enrique iglesias

How do you use sung in a sentence?

"Sung" is the past form of the verb "Sing". It could be used like... * She sung about the joys of springtime. * We listened as the birds sung in the trees all around us. * I saw you last night when you sung the National Anthem for the baseball game.

Did anyone else sing the hoedown throwdown?

noo, because Miley Cyrus is the best! she just sung it :)

What were the songs that were sung by the Choir at William and Kate's Wedding?

I know they sang Jerusalem but im not sure what else.

Is it sung to or sung by?

Sung by

What does Park Ji-Sung like to do?

have a wank

Are there any lullabies that were sung to Paul McCartney?

There were a few lullabies like,'' Sweet Angel,'' sung by the Chipettes, ''Oak Lullaby,'' by Snowdrop the squirrel, and,'' Lullaby McCartney,'' sung by Alvin and the Chipmunks.

What is the difference between sung and sang?

sung is the past participle of sing. It is used like this. We should practice, I have never sung that song before. sang is the past (simple) of sing. it is used like this: We sang the same old songs all night.

Who else sing Strawberry Wine?

The song, "Strawberry Wine" is sung by Deana Carter. There is also another artist with a song called "Strawberry Wine" but it has different words. This song is sung by Ryan Adams.

Who else has sung the song last night originally be the mar-keys?

The Ventures (available in the Itunes store)