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Who explored Arkansas?

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The first European to reach Arkansas was the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto at the end of the 16th century. Arkansas is one of several U.S. states formed from the territory purchased from Napoleon Bonaparte in the Louisiana Purchase.

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Who explored the arkansas river in winter conditions?

Hernando de Soto was a Spanish explorer who led his team on an expedition of the Arkansas river during 1541 and 1542. The journey explored most of Arkansas river from Mississippi to the mouth of the river.

Who settled in Arkansas?

The first explorer explored by Hernando De Soto

Where did Henry schoolcraft explore?

Explored southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.

Who explored the Arkansas river?

The Arkansas River was explored by Zebulon Pike beginning on July 15, 1806. His job was to find the headwaters of the river and to become friendly with the Native Americans. He was also told by General Wilkinson to take stock of the natural resources in the area.

What two French men explored the Mississippi Basin?

French-Canadian explorers Louis Jolliet and Jacques Marquette explored the Mississippi River from the Wisconsin River to the Arkansas River in 1673.

When did De Soto explore Texas?

Hernando De Soto explored Texas in the year of 1541. In addition to Texas, he also explored Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana in the same year.

Which two French-Canadians explored the northern Mississippi basin?

French-Canadian explorers Louis Jolliet and Jacques Marquette explored the Mississippi River from the Wisconsin River to the Arkansas River in 1673.

Who Explored along the Arkansas river and got captured by the spanish?

Think it could have been Father Jacques Marquette but need to confirm it.

Who explored Mississippi Georgia Arkansas and Alabama?

Hernando de Soto was a Spanish explorer. He led an European expedition throughout the southeastern United States into modern-day Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas.

Who explored guadeloupe and when?

who explored guadeloupe

Is explored a noun?

No, explored is not a noun. Explored can be a past tense verb or an adjective. Past tense verb sample sentence: He explored the island. Adjective sample sentence: The island is explored.

Who explored Spain?

Spain was fully explored in prehistoric times. There are no records of who explored Spain.

Who explored Ohio?

William.w.Burton explored Ohio

Who explored for France?

Cartier explored for France.

How is space explored?

Space is explored by your eyes

When and how was Mars explored?

it was explored during the 1800

Arkansas university location?

University of Arkansas (Main campus) -Fayetteville, Arkansas. University of Arkansas at Fort Smith- Fort Smith, Arkansas Northwest Arkansas Community College- Bentonville, Arkansas University of Central Arkansas- Conway, Arkansas Arkansas Tech- Russelville, Arkansas Ouchita Baptist University- University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences- Little Rock Arkansas

What country did Jacques Cartier explored for?

Jacques Cartier explored for France, and doing this he usually explored in Canada.

Why was Alabama founded?

Hernando de Soto took a large expedition into the region north of Florida. De Soto's expedition explored parts of what are today are North Carloina, Tenessee, Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas.

Who explored Poland?

No-one, Poland wasn't explored.

When was the Titanic first explored?

It was first explored in 1985.

What area did Coronado Explored?

He explored the new world

Who explored for England?

drake and Cabot explored for England

Who did leif erickson explored for?

No one. He explored for himself.

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