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Q: Who first said if you assume you will make an ass out of you and me?
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Can you assume that he like you?

Don't ever forget that the first three letters in 'assume' is 'ass' = or what you are being.

Why is it not good to assume?

Just look at the word: Ass-u-me. They say you are not to assume because you make the first three letters of the word out of "u" and "me." Seriously, we don't know the intentions of other people, and what we think we see may mean something else.

Which came first a donkey or an ass?

The ass came first everyone knows that!

What did the donkey say when he heard some one said you ass?

"What?!" since a ass is also a donkey

Do donkeys dream?

Not speaking from experience, I assume so. That is, I ass-ume so.

Why do we use the assumed mean?

Because assume places an Ass in front of "U" and "Me"'

What country has the most letter a in the word and also ending in a?

who can make the answer come out of your ass who can make the answer come out of your ass

Who said the public is an ass?

charles dickens

Are you the first ass in the world?

No, and I won't be the last.

How do you enter a Pokemon sprite contest?

First, you make a video. Second you send it to the maker of the contest, and that's a big ass

Which judge said the law is not an ass?

It has been stated by a number of judges. The origin appears to be from Charles Dickens. In Oliver Twist "If the law supposed that,' said Mr. Bumble . . . 'the law is a ass _ a idiot.'"

When was the X-ray machine first exhibited?

In your mama's bed!!! In your mama's bed!!! In the top of my ASS!!!!!!!! In the top of my ASS!!!!!!!!

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