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This phrase has been attributed to Lee Atwater.

Forbes, S. (Director). (2008). Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story [Television series episode]. In Forbes, S. & Walker, N. (Producer), Frontline. Boston, MA: Inter Positive Media.

Perception is Reality has been attributed to Roger Browning

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Full wording is "Perception is merely reality filtered through the prism of your soul." It is a quote attributed to Christopher A. Ray.

Reality is a consensus of perception.

Perception determines reality. Reality is what you perceive it to be.

Perception has to do with the senses, especially sight and hearing; our perception of reality is our observation of the world or environment in which we live. If that perception is impaired, this means that we do not perceive reality accurately. We may perceive things that are not really there, or fail to perceive things that are there, or perceive things in an altered way. Impaired perception of reality, if it is severe, is a symptom of schizophrenia, although there are other ways in which the perception of reality may become impaired.

Perception or Reality - 2013 was released on: USA: 15 March 2013 (internet)

Only when the perception is not a misperception. You can't always tell.

discourse is the words and underlying schema's that influence the human (or alien) perception of reality; whereas reality is truth or fact without bias or perception.

It depends on how logically you think about it. Try having a perception on reality. ;) Then you would be able to contrast what's real and what's not.

Reality literature is considered literature that is based on reality or other people's perception of reality. It is much like reality TV but in book form.

Among many, I like one of the simplest (Satisfaction = Reality - Expectation) where (Reality = Perception) and a positive satisfaction occurs when perception overcomes expectation and vice-versa.

"Perception is reality" is a very popular and accurate phrase. It means that the way a person sees the world is their truth, regardless of whether or not their conclusions are factually accurate or not.

A reaction controlled by a mis-perception of reality.

Absolutely. Perception isn't always reality -- as seen in phenomena such as optical illusions and sensory adaptation.

Perception is a complex process because it can be far different from reality. It can also vary from person to person. As individuals, each person's perception can be different.

The doctor said that my depth perception is fine. Looking through water distorts one's perception.

The cast of Perception or Reality - 2013 includes: Nick Fenske as Nicola Santini Scott Frederick Duns as Dr. Michael Van Archer

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The correct spelling is "hallucination" (imagined or altered perception of reality).

Perception is mostly viewed as subjective. Meaning it cannot be proven with facts, although it is based on reality, but that reality is proven to be a false reality. Truth however, is viewed as objective. Meaning it can be proven with facts, and is based on an unbiased stand point.

based on personal experiences and beliefs we create our perceptions on particular things, that is why they are differed. in essence your perception becomes your reality.

A perception, as of visual stimuli, that represents what is perceived in a way different from the way it is in reality.

The philosophical term is "objectivism" (reality being independent of the mind's perception).

It is not dead, but very much alive and thriving. Perception is not reality.

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