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Rita Mae Brown wrote that phrase in her book "Sudden Death" in 1983. Most people attribute that quote to Albert Einstein, but he actually did not say that.

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What the mean of crazy?

Do the same thing again again again and expect different different different results.

Why is it that i do the same things and expect different results?

That's the definition of insanity. Don't worry, we all do it. A lot of what we do is from habit and a habit is one of the hardest things to change. If you know you are going to repeat what is probably a bad behavior, think before you do it and make a choice not to. Be aware of what you are doing and change it. You have to be honest with yourself, but after a while, you do it without thinking and you will realize that you have changed your behavior and are not making the same mistake over and over.

What Results Can Patients Expect in accutite?

You can expect to see tighter, smoother skin in up to 6 months. And the best part? The results are permanent!

What does anticipated results mean?

The outcome you expect.

How much weight can you expect to lose with the 7 day diet plan?

With a seven day diet plan one cannot expect to lose the same amount of weight as other people. Everyone is different, has different metabolisms, has different weights to begin with, and has a different body type. These all cause the results to vary significantly.

Experiment that gives the results you expect are?

the scientific method

What do you expect from your subject math?

Good results of course!

Would you expect to have different results if we had not heated the food sample solution before heating?

No, because either way you would have heated the food sample!

Why is there value to knowing why something is done instead of just how it is done?

It is important to know why you are doing something so that you know if it even needs to be done. Knowing the result you expect adds value, because the definition of insanity is expecting change even though you are doing the same thing over and over.

When will we expect 2012 may caiib results?

We expect CAIIB result held in the month of May 2012 in the month of july 2012.

When is 3-2 results?

after EAMCET final results.........that is after 22nd of June...we can expect 3-2 results...Now JNTU ppl wer al busy in EAMCET results proceedings...

When I expect to get Tamil nadu State board Xth Exam results?


Making sure an experiment gives the results you expect is an example of?

scientific method

Why do we repeat lab results?

In order to check that the result is correct and reliable. For measurements, it establishes the range of results we can expect and highlights any outliers.

How long does it take to get gonorrhea results?

Results of typical gonorrhea testing are ready in one to two business days. Ask your health care provider when you can expect to get results from the particular test you had.

Is there another way to study the world other than by doing a controlled experiment?

Scientisists do mant different controlled expirements to see different results. To conduct a fair expirement, you must control all of the variables expect for the one you are testing.

How can you lose 10 pounds when you are not active?

Begin to become active, and do not expect overnight results.

When can you expect the results of the SBI clerks interview held in May 2010?

30 June

What is a sentence with gnashing?

I expect to hear some gnashing of teeth when the test results are announced.

What is the definition of a dependant varible?

A dependent variable is you expect will be affected by some other variable.

What results would you expect if the experiment started with glucose and IKI solution inside the bag?

I would expect a huge mess since IKI is a starch indicator.

Can you still use metrogel if expired?

You can, but it won't be at full strength and you might not get the results you would expect.

When is the 12th 2009 results of Tamil Nadu will be announced?

May Expect On Monday(11th May)

When can expect AP State class X results?

pls give me ssc marks site.....................

What does this quote mean insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting the different results?

This proverb can be applied to many situations such as work, life, love. When applied to people, this quote promotes a person to try something else if they aren't happy with their situation. For example, if your in a bad relationship, you are going to remain in a bad relationship until you do something differently. If you remain in a bad relation ship, without changing anything, and yet you still expect things to improve, then there is something wrong with your thinking.

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