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alaxendar graham bell

AnswerYes, it is Alexander Bell on March 10, 1876.

"Mr Watson-Come here-I want to see you" - is the first voice transmission he made.

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Q: Who first used the telephone?
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What year was the telephone first used?

The first telephone was used in 1889 when Alexander Bell tested it.

When did people begin to use the first telephone?

The telephone was first used in 1900.

Where was the telephone first used?

The telephone was first used in Boston, where Alexander Bell made the first phone call to Mr Watson.

What was the telephone first used for?


When was the telephone first used by the general public?

The first telephone that was sold to the general public was sold in 1891.

Is the first telephone being used now?


When was the first word telephony used?

Do you mean telephone? Well, here's the answer... Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone in 1876, which was used in 1876...

Who had the first telephones?

Alexander Grahembell invented and used the first telephone

Who used the first telephone?

alexander graham bell

When was the very first telephone used?

Sometime in 1876.

Which country used the telephone first US or Canada?

the us

When was the first push-button telephone used?


When was the first time Louis Armstrong used a telephone?

in 200

What year was the telephone first used in private homes?

I am sorry, but I do not know what year it was, but Mark Twain was the first to have a telephone in a private home. Hope this helps. :)

Where was the first telephone used?

Alexander graham bellAnswerIn Boston, Massachusetts

What is the name of the first telephone?

When the telephone was being discovered and two tin cans were used, they were referred to as lovers phone. When the telephone transmitted sounds, it was referred to as the gallows phone.

When were telephone area codes first used?

Telephone area codes were first introduced in the United States and Canada in 1947. The UK introduced area codes in 1958.

What was the color of the very first telephone?

the first telephone was black

Which was invented first the television or the telephone?

The telephone was invented first.

What did the first telephone do?

The first telephone is used as what is the use of today. But today's telephone are more and more useful because for example, you can connect a local virtual number to a primary number to create presence in any city of your choice.

When did England first get telephone?

they first had the first operating english telephone in 2011.

What was the first telephone called?

the telephone

What was the first telephone named?


What was machine used to comounicate before the first telephone s made?

The telegraph.

How old is the first telephone?

The first telephone was created in 1861 by Phillip Reis. That means the first telephone is 148 years old.