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Q: Who first used the term polygraph?
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What was the result of the first polygraph test?

The first polygraph was invented in 1917 and was used for counterintelligence work during World War I. In 1938, the FBI began using polygraph examinations. The first polygraph to be used in a courtroom as evidence was on Dr. Francis Sweeney; a chief suspect in the Cleveland torso murders. He failed the polygraph test but was released later due to lack of evidence.

What does polygraph mean?

Polygraph is the more technical term for what's commonly called a "lie detector."

What is a polygraph test used to detect?

A polygraph is used to help detect if someone is lying.

Who invented the first polygraph machine?

James Mackenzie invented the polygraph, or lie detector machine in 1902.

How accurate is a polygraph test?

Polygraph tests are not considered accurate enough for their results to be used in court as evidence.

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who first used the term plasma in science?

Is polygraph test are visible as evidence in court?

No, polygraph tests are not admissible in court. Court precedents have decided that the polygraph test is unreliable, and that the test could dishonestly persuade the jury's verdict. The polygraph test is only used for investigative, law enforcement needs.

Is a polygraph admissible in Indiana?

A polygraph examination is admissible in court only by the stipulation (agreement) of both parties. This is true in all U.S. courts, not just Indiana. Polygraph evidence is seldom used in court.

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Do you have to use a polygraph test in court?

No, the results of polygraph tests are inadmissible in court as evidence.Added: They can, however, be used by law enforcement as an aid to investigation.

What occupation uses a polygraph?

Polygraph examiner

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