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Central America makes up the largest group of immigrants coming to Mexico. People from Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras all come to Mexico.Ê


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Irish immigrants formed the largest ethnic group in the mining district.

Europeans and the African Americans were the largest group of immigrants

The second largest immigrant group in the US is Chinese immigrants, who make up 4.7% of all immigrants.

Mexicans are the largest group of immigrants coming to the US in present day.

The Turkish are the largest immigrant group to Germany.

Mostly Mexico since we're right by the border and most illegal aliens come from Mexico too

The largest group of the non willing immigrants to the United States of America were taken from Africa. They came to the United States as slaves.

The largest group was the Scotch-Irish with about 150,000 immigrants, the Germans only had about 100,000 (the American Story, Volume 1 to 1877, pg 84-85)

The largest group of labourers were Canadian particularly early on and the immigrants were from Europe. As the rail traveled further west more Americans and Chinese were used. By the time the rail had got to BC the largest immigrant group was Chinese with as many as 7,000 working on the rail at one time.

The largest group of immigrants to America after 1924 came from northern and western Europe. Immigration quotas were in force and were based upon the total population of the US and its ethnic breakdown in 1910. This gave the largest quotas tothe countries of northern and western Europe.

The Turkish are the largest group of Immigrants to Germany (2 million) with double that of any other country, residents of the former Yugoslavia was second(1 million), and Polish, Greek and Italians tie for third place with around 500,000 each

The Latinos followed by the group of German descendents.

the chineseThis would probably be the Chineseit was the chineseChinese

A naturalized American citizen who was born in Mexico

The American Party was a nativist party formed to keep immigrants out of the U.S. that had up to 500,000 members at one point. This group was part of the Know Nothing movement.

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