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A fleet of French warships, commanded by Comte De Grasse, a French leader, defeated British warships and then blockaded the British army led by Cornwallis. The naval battle, known as the Battle of the Chesapeake, took place in September of 1781, with the final surrender of Cornwallis and his men taking place in October of the same year.

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General Rochambeau

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Who fought off a British fleet trying to rescue General Cornwallis?

French General Jean Baptiste Rochambeau Pennsylvania and Marylander to Virginia and surrounded Cornwallis.

Was general Cornwallis a patriot?

No, General Cornwallis was a loyalist fought the patriots George Washington and then surrender

The region that some of the revolution's worst battles between American General Greene and British General Cornwallis from 1780 to 1782 were fought?

I did this packet, the answer is the South

Who were the key participants of the American and British sides of the revolutionary war's battle of Princeton?

The Colonists, led by George Washington fought the British Army, led by General Cornwallis.

Who fought in the battle of yourktown?

The French and the Americans against the British The French leader was General Cornwallis The American(and French in this case) was George Washington

Was it true that general Cornwallis fought to the death when he was trapped at Yorktown by the patriots?


What role did lord Cornwallis play in the revolution?

Lord Charles Cornwallis is the British general who was accused of "losing America" having fought against the Americans in many different battles during the Revolutionary War. In 1776, Cornwallis arrived in America two years after the Revolution started. Cornwallis came to America with the rank of major general, but by 1780 he was responsible for the entire British campaign in the South. At first Cornwallis was successful against the American forces, but that all began to change in January 1781 when he was defeated by Nathanael Greene's army in South Carolina. In August 1781 Cornwallis was in Yorktown waiting for more troops to arrive. However, by the time the new British troops arrived the French were ready to attack. The American and French troops cornered the British forces and Cornwallis' forces had to surrender. The British surrender at Yorktown led to the end of the Revolutionary War. After the war, Cornwallis became the Governor General of India and the Viceroy of Ireland. Cornwallis died in 1805.

Why was the battle of Yorktown fought?

The Battle of Yorktown was the last major battle of the American Revolutionary War. It was basically because British General Cornwallis, believed that in order to have control over the Carolina's, he would have to take control of Virginia. Cornwallis eventually settled his troops within the region of the Chesapeake Bay. General George Washington, ordered that Cornwallis and his troops be blockaded. From this, Cornwallis and his troops were trapped. On October 19, 1781, Cornwallis surrendered his army of about 7,000 soldiers. The British band piped a tune called "The World Turned Upside Down." The fighting was over.

Why was the york town battle fought?

The battle of Yorktown was fought in Virginia in 1781 during the revolutionary war. The revolutionary war was fought in order to gain independence from Great Britain. This battle ended the revolutionary war by the surrender of British General Cornwallis and America gained there independence from GB.

Why was the Battle of Princeton fought?

General Cornwallis intended to avenge the defeat of the Hessians at Trenton and wipe out Washington's army. Didn't work out too well for him. Washington's aim was to drive the British troops out of New Jersey.

Who was the British general in the Battle of Quebec?

General James Wolfe was the general who fought in The Battle Of Quebec

What side did Cornwallis fight?

he fought for yorktown.......

Did General Cornwallis actually fight in the Revolutionary War?

He fought in the Revolutionary War, the Seven Years War, and the Irish Rebellion of 1798.

Who was the british general at the battle of Monmouth Courthouse?

The Battle of Monmouth was fought on June 28, 1778 in Monmouth County, New Jersey. General George Washington commanded the Continental Army which attacked the British Army commanded by Lieutenant General Sir Henry Clinton as the group was leaving the Monmouth Court House.Freehold Borough). It is known as the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse. Other leaders involved were Continental Major General Charles Lee and British Lieutenant General Charles Cornwallis.

Who was the british general who fought in North Africa?

field Marshall Montgomery

Which rebel general changed sides and fought with the British?

Benedict Arnold

Why is Charles Cornwallis famous?

because he fought in the amercain revolution

What did General Cornwallis do?

He was an influential member of the British Parliament. Lord Charles Cornwallis opposed nearly all of the British policies that led to the American Revolution. However, he was a loyal solider and well connected. He'd been in the army since he was eighteen, and had fought in Germany during the Seven Years War. When the call to serve in the Revolution came in 1775, he accepted a military command as a major general and fought through much of the American Revolution. Eventually, Lord Charles Cornwallis was in command of the British southern army in Yorktown. His forces were under siege by George Washington's troops on the land side and cut off from retreat or resupply by the French navy on the seaward side. Facing annihilation he surrendered his army at Yorktown, which brought a close to the war a few months later.

Where were submarines used in world war 2?

German subs fought "Guerre de Course." (Merchant Sinkings) Japanese subs fought "Guerre de Escadre." (Warships vs Warships) US subs fought both.

Where was the last major battle of revolutionary war fought?

Yorktown, the British fleet sent to reinforce Cornwallis who was under siege, was defeated and as a result the Revolutionary war ended.

American Revolutionary War?

the American revolutionary war was fought by the british and the Americans. the Americans were lead by George Washington and the british was lead by Charles Cornwallis. the Americans were less trained and they ended up defeating the british. the Americans got their independence they wanted.

Who was the French Admiral that fought the British in the Chesapeake and trapped Cornwallis?

French Admiral who forced the British out of Chesapeake Bay was Louis de Bougainville. Along with Comte de Grasse, he prevented the British land forces from escaping onto the ships in the bay.

What are facts about lord Cornwallis?

Lord Cornwallis was born on New Year's Eve, 1738. Lord Charles Cornwallis was a British general who fought against the Americans in many different battles during the Revolutionary War. The most important one was the Battle of Yorktown where the British is 11 good facts about Lord General Charles Cornwallis:he lost sight in one eye as a childhe went to Cambridge and Etonhe claimed he was sick the day the Brittish surrendered in the battle of Yorktownhe was born on New Years Evehe was in the house of lordshe stood up for the colonists in the house of lordshe joined the Brittish armed forces after the house of lordshe was really good in the southern colonies for the war until YorktownGeneral Henry Clinton even though he was on Cornwallis' side thought of him as an enemyafter he surrendered in Yorktown he worked in India and had a spotless recordhe was blamed for the loss to the Colonies

Who fought in the battle of Monmouth?

On the British side Gen. sir Henry Clinton and Gen. Lord Cornwallis. On the American side Gen. Charles Lee and Gen. George Washington.

What Nazi German general fought the British in North Africa?

Erwin Rommel the "Desert Fox".

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