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Who found out about micro-orginasms and who named them?



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Antony van Leeuwenhoek in the 1680's invented the microscope in Holland. He made lenses by grinding glass into shapes, he played with them in different ways and to his amazement, he could magnify and see tiny things. He experimented with getting close-up views of many things and is noted to have been the first to look at the matter that was between his teeth, and report he saw little moving creatures in it. He is credited with discovering bacteria. As the microscope became available to others, the scientists who saw the micro organisms described what they saw and gave latin names to describe something about the creature, often the scientist also attached his own name on the end of the organism name to take credit for the discovery. New micro organisms are still being found and new names continue to be added to the list. Maybe someday people who ask questions like this will discover new findings in science too!