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Who founded Everton FC?


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St. Domingo Methodist Church's new chapel was opened in 1871 and six years later, Rev.Ben Swift Chambers was appointed Minister. He was responsible for starting a cricket team for the youngsters in the parish. Because cricket can only be played in the summer, they had to find something to play during the other seasons as well. So a football club called St. Domingo F.C. was formed in 1878. Many people outside the parish were interested in joining the football club so it was decided that the name should be changed. In November 1879 at a meeting in the Queen's Head Hotel, the team name was changed to Everton Football Club, after the surrounding area.

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St Domingo FC was founded in 1878 and renamed to Everton FC the following year.

It was founded in 1892 by the then Mayor of Liverpool John Houlding, who persuaded Everton FC to move from their Anfield ground and who made it the home of the new Liverpool FC.

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