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Abraham founded Judaism.


Judaism was founded through God revelation of Torah to prophet Moses (peace be upon him) while the prophet was in Egypt. Some estimate that it was around 1400 BC when prophet Moses received the ten commandments.

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Worship in Judaism is every day, three times a day.

Judaism was founded by Abraham, the first Jew.

In Judaism, the Jews worship God.

See these particular questions:Where was Judaism founded?Where was Christianity founded?Where was Islam founded?

Nobody worships Judaism. You can't worship a religion. Jewish people worship God. And they live all over the world.

The followers of Judaism worship in synagogues. See also:More on the topic

Abraham founded Judaism about 3800 years ago.

Jews worship every day.

Jews worship God in the temples and synagogues.

We worship God, who created the universe.

Judaism was founded in and around the place now known as Israel.

What is Judaism? It is defined as the monotheistic religion of the Jews. See full information on these pages:The basic beliefs of JudaismThe practices of JudaismThe principles of JudaismThe ethics of JudaismA timeline of JudaismWhat do Jews worship?We worship the One God, creator of the universe. Jewish places of prayer are called synagogues.Why?We worship God because of our national tradition going all the way back to Abraham, and also because God commanded us in the Torah.

"Judaism" is not something that is itself venerated. Jews worship God and do so by the rites and rituals prescribed by Judaism. Jews pray at Synagogues.

People don't worship Judaism they worship God. Judaism is the religion of the Jews and is practiced in Israel or any other place where Jews live

The most notable of the worship practices of Judaism is recital of prayers which include commentary. Also central to their worship philosophy is the Torah, their religious book.

When Judaism was founded, and for centuries following, all other peoples worshiped idols, many deities, physical images. Judaism preached the worship of the one God.

Place of worship for the Jewish faith.

Judaism was founded three thousand years ago in Israel. Judaism was founded three thousand years ago in Israel.

The Jewish house of worship is called a synagogue, but Jews can worship anywhere they want.

The main difference was that Judaism is monotheistic - ie; those who follow the religion recognise and worship one G-d only. At that time, from what we know of the Middle East in particular, most religions were pantheistic or involved the worship of several different gods.

They founded their colony to asure freedom of worship for themselves.

No, Jesus plays no role in Judaism whatsoever. The worship of any person is an abomination according to the teachings of Judaism.

Every synagogue is a place where Jews worship.