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In religious questions there is often more than one possible answer.

Judaism as we know it was probably founded by Moses, although it could be argued that the Patriarch Abraham is the true founder.

Christianity is generally considered to have been founded by Jesus Christ, although one could argue that it became the religion that it is today because of Paul of Tarsus.

Islam was founded by the prophet Mohammad, although there are Muslims who believe that Islam is eternal and always existed, rather than having been founded by anybody, in which case Mohammad was merely a person who helped to explain a religion that already existed.

You are free to make your own interpretations.

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Q: Who founded the 3 monotheistic religions?
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What are the 3 monotheistic religions?

Monotheistic religions in order of appearance: Judaism, Christianity, Islam.

Why are judaism and Islam monotheistic?

Both religions were founded on the idea of one God.

Who is the patriarch of 3 monotheistic religions?


What are the main ways the 3 monotheistic religions are similar?

You better first state. which Religions you think are Monotheistic, and why,,, Buddhism, taoism and confuciasim

What made Judaism unique from other religions?

Back when Judaism was first Founded, all other religions were polytheistic. Judaism was monotheistic.

What are 3 monotheistic religions?

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Who is considered the father of the 3 monotheistic religions?


Is Islam the youngest of the monotheistic religions?

The youngest of the 3 major monotheistic religions is Islam, founded almost 600 years after Christianity by the Prophet Mohommed. (Of course, there are other monotheistic religions which are even "younger" than Islam .. see below). The "youngest" monotheistic religion is the Baha'i Faith (1844 CE). Judaism is the oldest (c. 2000 BCE), followed by Christianity (c. 30 CE) and then Islam (621 CE).

How many monotheistic religions?

The three monotheistic religions are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

How many monotheistic religions are there?

3 islam christianity and judaism

What the 3 major monotheistic religions?

Christianity, Judaism, Islam

What are the 3 main monotheistic religions?

Islam, Judaism, and Christianity

What three monotheistic religions were founded in southwest Asia?

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were all founded in southwest Asia, more specifically the Middle East.

Is any or all religion polytheistic monotheistic or particularistic?

Most religions are polytheistic, monotheistic, or particularistic. Some monotheistic religions are particularistic as are polytheistic. There are no religions that are all three.

What 3 monotheistic religions that originated in Jerusalem?

Islam, Christianity, and Judaism

Top 3 oldest religions of the world?

ANSWER: The three oldest monotheistic religions still in practice today are: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.Hinduism (polytheistic) is considered to be one of the world's oldest religions along with Zoroastrianism.I believe the question was what the 'Top 3 oldest religions' were, not the 'three oldest monotheistic religions.'

What were some monotheistic religions?

Judaism and Christianity are monotheistic.

Which religions are monotheistic-?

Islam is a monotheistic religion. Also Judaism is a monotheistic religion.

What are three great monotheistic faiths?

The three major Monotheistic Religions are: 1. Christianity 2. Islam 3. Judaism

What other religions are monotheistic?

Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism are the better known monotheistic religions.

What is a good sentence for monotheistic?

Most religions today are monotheistic.

Are the Semitic religions monotheistic or polytheistic?

Modern Semitic religions are monotheistic, namely Judaism and Islam. Ancient Semitic religions were mostly polytheistic.

What are the three major monotheistic religions?

I suppose your question is 'What are three monotheistic religions?' An answer would be: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism

Is Iran monotheistic?

Iran is officially an Islamic Republic. As Islam is one of the 3 great monotheistic religions, along with Judaism and Christianity, then yes. I would say that Iran is monotheistic.

What is one of the oldest monotheistic religions?

The oldest monotheistic religion is Judaism.