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The religion of Islam was founded by God by start of universe creation and even before. refer to related question below.

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There no wording called Islams. The religion is called Islam and the followers of the Islam religion are called Muslims.

Of Course NO, Islam is religion and Buddhism is Different religion

no, they can be similar but they're not the same

they are the same race but different religion

Their place of worship is at the mosque.

Maluku's main religion is Christianity although there is a vast amount of Islams in Maluku

What do you mean by that question?Islam is a religion,not a location..That is just saying like"hey,where is this and this religion located at?"

Every religion have caste system. There are plenty of different christians and Islams you can find.

It is the rights that Islams people and religion have. A quote from Isabella, 12

The religion founded by Muhammad is called "Islam".

No one single person founded religion

Chistian,US is one of the few coutries is not on the crosshairs of Islams.

Catholic-Jewish-Christianity. Following was Muslims and Islams (there is a difference).

According to Islamic religion, Arabs are allowed to drink everything which is not containing alcohol.

The Apostle Paul founded the Christian religion; the Emporer Constatine perverted it to form the religion you have today.

Freeing the will of people to select the religion they are convinced in without any oppression or compulsion after introducing them to Islam religion and its fundamentals.

The Buddhist Religion was founded by a man called Siddhartha Gautama.

Islam religion is 2nd largest world religion (after Christianity) with total Muslim population ~ 1600 million Muslims

Islam is a religion... followers are called muslims. They are all over the world. Islam is the 2nd largest religion. It has many converts into it everytime.

Christmas is a Christian religious celebration, so I doubt it is celebrated by the Islamic religion.

the buddist founded calica

Islam was not founded in that country.

It was founded at India to be specific

The father of a religion is the person who founded it.

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