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Acura is built by Honda

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A type of car that starts with a?

audi or acura An Acura, an Austin-Healy

What are the car specifications for the Acura Integra Type R?

Some car specifications of the Acura Integra Type R include that it has 195 horsepower at 8000 rpm and 130 lb. The Acura Integra has always been a top line car made by Honda.

What type of car in the grey power commercial?

The grey car at the beginning is an Acura Legend.

What is the fastest car Acura makes?

The fastest car it used to make was the NSX, however, currently the fastest acura would either be the RL of TL type-s.

What is a type of car starting with the letter A?

Acura, Austin, Audi, Alfa Romeo, Avanti

What car is better Acura or eclipse?


Where is the location of the fuel pump relay on a 2001 Acura 3.2 CL Type S?

in the car

Who owns acura car company?

Acura is a division of Honda

What is the first car you race with when starting underground mode in need for speed underground?

It's Acura Integra Type-R. If you like the car, and want to see it in NFS:MW, go to and search and download the Acura Integra Type-R car mod. P.S. I also like the car very much, especially the "Samurai" body vinyls!

How do you replace the bulbs in a 1992 Acura Legend instrument cluster?

an acura is an American car and get a new car

Is the Acura rsx a sports car?

Base coupe is a sports car but its not as fast. The RSX Type-S is a sports car and its way faster than the base coupe.

What is the 0-60 time for 2006 Acura RSX type-S?

Car and Driver tested the car twice. 6.2 and 6.4

Where are all the fuses for a 2003 acura tl type-s?

where can i find the fuse relay for a/c on my car

What can cause an Acura CL 3.0 gears to slip?

I have 1999 acura my car after i drive the car for a wile the car shieft from high to low for no reason my car is automatic

How do you turn off Acura car alarm?

use key to lock the car, that turned off my 2003 Acura MDX

What type of coolant should does Acura RSX?

What type of coolant should acura rsx take

In what years was the Acura RSX Type S manufactured?

The Acura RSX Type X was first manufactured in 2002. The car was only manufactured for a few years as it did not sell very well. In fact Acura stopped manufacturing this model in 2006. The company has no intentions of bringing this model back anytime soon.

What car class would the Acura TL belong to?

The Acura TL is officially defined by Acura as a mid-size luxury car. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety categorizes it as a midsize luxury/near luxury car.

When is the first year the Acura TL S was made?

The Acura TL Type S was first released in 2002 in the second generation. They are still making the car and are on the 4th generation releasing in 2012.

Where can you get genuine car parts online?

answer type gm parts giant then on the bottom they have ford,honda,acura,nissan,chevy.

Name a car that starts with A?


What model car is the legend?


What car model starts with a?

* Acura

What car start with a and ends with a?


What is Honda Acura?

Acura is a division of Honda Motors Incorporated, founded in 1986 to export luxury and performance vehicles to the American market.

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