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If this refers to the unborn child the laws of the state where the child is born would apply. Generally the unmarried mother regardless of her age has full automatic custody of the child except under extraordinary circumstances. If the mother is unmarried and the father wishes to share custody he must first establish paternity (usually through DNA testing), even though he claims to be the father.

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Q: Who gets custody in an underage pregnancy?
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If you are underage and pregnant and no longer with the baby's father who gets sole custody?

I believe that the mother should get custody and she gives the father a schedule to be on.

Can an underage mother win custody of her child back?

Even though the mother is underage she still has custody of her child as long as she does not do something to get custody taken away from her

Underage pregnancy custody laws for pregnant child?

If a young girl decides, or acidentally, got pregnant then i believe the girl has a right to decide who the child stays with.

Can an underage parent consent to custody of her child?

Yes she can.

Does parents of a unmarried underage girl have automatic custody of the baby?

biological mother has sole automatic custody of baby

What does an underage boy have to do in order to get joint custody of his child?

Grow up

Are parents responsible for underage kids pregnancy?


How do you get out of DSS custody when underage?

It is difficult to get out of DSS custody until you are over age eighteen. It is possible sometimes to have a judge grant a minor emancipation.

Who usually gets custody the mother or the father?

In most circumstances the mother gets primary custody.

Why did king brady get fired?

he was held under custody and the directors found out he was underage drinking

What is the California law for underage pregnancy?

The age of consent in CA is 18.

What would be a good research topic for a girl?

Periods, underage pregnancy??

How young is 'underage' if you are pregnant?

I find the question somewhat confusing, but... Underage *generally* refers to someone who is under the age of majority, which is 18 in the US. Pregnancy has no effect on the age of majority. A 17-year-old is underage. A pregnant 17-year-old is still underage.

Break up who get custody of baby?

In most breakups it is the mother who gets custody, however, the legal basis for deciding who gets custody is the welfare of the child, so if the father can demonstrate that he is a better parent, he can get custody.

How do you get custody of your child back that you gave up legal custody to because you were underage but now have physical custody of?

If you gave up custody, you would need to file a petition with the court to modify custody. However, you must show that a change in custody would be in the best interest of the child as well as other factors.

Where can you find the books that have disadvantages of underage pregnancy?

Try a library. They have books on everything.

Can a underage mother give custody to the father?

Custody is determined by a judge. If the father is not underage, he may be more likely to be granted custody because he has a more likely ability to provide for the child (however underage or not- if he hasn't already been convicted of statutory rape, he may be at this time). An underage mother may plead the judge to give custody to the father, but ultimately it is the judge's decision. If you think the decision was made unfairly, you may be able to appeal it. A mother CAN illegally leave the father with a child, but the mother must permanently leave and faces risk of prosecution... The child may also be put up for adoption if neither parents will agree to take care of it.

What claims are being made for who gets custody of Michael's children?

Custody was resolved. Mrs. Jackson (Michael's Mother) gets custody. Debbie Rowe gets visitation and continued Spousal support, even though MJ is deceased, she will continue to get it anyways.

Who gets sole custody in Alabama?

The mother.

Who gets custody if the unmarried single mother dies and father is not named on birth certificate?

The father gets custody once proof of paternity is established

Does a parent have to have legal custody to give consent for underage marriage in Oregon?

Yes, only the legal guardian can give consent.

What are the custodial rights of underage mothers against adult fathers in Maryland?

Regardless of age, mother has sole control and custody.

If your parents are divorced and your dad has partial custody would his consent be enough for an underage marriage?

That depends on the state. In many states, if both parents have equal custody, then both signatures would be required.

Who gets custody if both parents lose custody?

A relative. Someone like an aunt, uncle, or grandparent.

What happens to a temporary custody order if you never go back to court for the original custody case in Kentucky?

if you are not there for the original custody case you can lose custody. The temporary is just until the court decides who gets custody.