Who gets paid more an CIA agent or an fbi agent?

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Their salaries are comparable dependent upon experience, position, and years of service.
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What do FBI agents do?

An FBI agent is a special task force of the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation that is much larger in police department in terms offunds and resources. It usually investigates federal crimes, takesplace in multiple states, and speaks with the witnesses.

How much do FBI agents make?

It depends on the positions of the FBI agents. Example, a GS-10 agent has a base annual income of $42,548 to $53,185. Once they get promoted to a higher level like GS-13 agents, then their annual salary can increase to $64,478 to $80,597. FBI employees who have been working for less than a year m ( Full Answer )

What type of gun do CIA and FBI agents carry?

FBI weapons . FBI now issue the Glock 23 to all Special Agents on graduation. Agents are able to purchase and carry the smaller Glock 27 (subcompact 40 cal.) as a back up. . The most commonly used sub-machine gun is the Heckler and Koch MP5/10, the 10mm variant of the famous MP5 . However the FB ( Full Answer )

What does an FBI Agent do?

FBI does things like find crime scenes and makes people go to jailfor killing. FBI have to be smart they have to know who is innocent and who isguilty

Do CIA agents have licenses to kill?

Of course not! They may be given a mission or specific target, but there is not blanket authorization allowing someone to take ant one's life.

What kind of education does a CIA agent have to have?

It depends on which field you are going into. They have undergraduate training programs, and student opportunities in Analytical, Clandestine Service, Language, Science, Engineering & Technology, or Support & Professional. See the related link below for more information.

Skills CIA agent?

CIA agents are required to have skills such as mathematical acumen,relating chronological events and finding trends or similaritiesbetween two or more crime scenes. They also need to know how tofind information about someone's past.

What are facts about FBI agents?

They have bulletproof cars. They have mad hot stuff. I wanna be a FBI agent. They have things that you would think is impossible to make.

Do FBI agents pay taxes?

No. Presidential Order 23492, Article 5, Section 3, Clause 8: Sworn members of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies are hereby exempt from Federal Tax Influences. The Constitutional reason being that the Federal government cannot tax constituent bodies and as an extension, law enforcement agents.

What does it take to become a FBI agent?

Simply visit the FBI website. There are a number of different "agent" type jobs available. There are some minimum qualifications and training programs. https://www.fbijobs.gov/11.asp

Can CIA agents have tattoos?

Yes, CIA agents can have tattoos. " I have a tattoo. Will that prohibit me from Agency employment? . Tattoos will not disqualify you from gaining employment at the CIA, and all professionally-qualified persons are encouraged to apply." . https://www.cia.gov/careers/faq/index.html .

How much does an FBI agent get paid?

FBI Special Agents enter service usually at the GS-10 ($56,421) level, depending on experience, and rise a grade each year to GS-13 ($85,500) level, GS-13 tops out at $111,148.

What is a CIA Protective Agent?

Typical duties of the Protective Agent include deploying worldwide to perform sensitive operations in support of protective requirements. Protective Agents are consistently called upon to deploy and participate in training and operational assignments, and are expected to work long hours and deploy f ( Full Answer )

What is a CIA agents salary?

A CIA agents salary is around 71,000 dollars a year. They makemoney by dong dangerous and secretive things for the government.

Can CIA agents drink alcohol?

Yes, and depending on assignment even when on assignment, they are specially trained and can drink most other people under the table. Of course this is true only for certain field agents.

Can a kid be an CIA agent?

no they cannot which i think is really unfair because we are smarter, faster, and also nobody would suspect a kid of being an agent and better actors No they cannot which I think is really fair because they wouldn't be able to do the work. It's nothing like you think.

Why do the FBI agents get paid so much money?

Because they work so hard:) Added: FBI Special Agents are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year, just like most other Special Agents. They work when you are a sleep, on Holiday's, rain or shine. $56K to start is not a lot of money in New York, DC, LA, or Miami. They work hard and we a ( Full Answer )

What is the pay of CIA undercover agents?

Inspector General - Special Agent/Investigator's get \n$74,872 - $155,500. Core Collector gents like James Bond get $52,976 – $81,204.

What do an CIA agent do?

it depends on which section of the CIA you are in because they are not all spys there is the annalist the spy (clandestine service) the engineer and many others that make the CIA a great place to work

Are CIA agents armed?

For the most part; no, they are not armed. Unlike in the movies,the CIA is not a law enforcement agency like, say, the FBI. The CIAis primarily dedicated to collecting foreign intelligence. The CIAalso, unlike the FBI or in the movies, does not have agents. Thereis a branch of the CIA called the cla ( Full Answer )

What do you do as a cia agent?

A cia officer or agent's center of motivation(motive) is to collect foreign intelligence and information to provide the United States policy makers(politicians/congress) information for them to decide what laws should be established. Americans who belong to the cia are called "officers" and not agen ( Full Answer )

What is the location of a CIA agent?

A CIA agent, is like any other employee of the department for which they work. They have assigned offices and go to work in the morning, like everyone else. Mostly, CIA agents work in large office buildings analyzing material from around the world. Occasionally, some agents are sent into the field t ( Full Answer )

Can a FBI or CIA agent get fired or quit without having brain wipes and stuff?

They don't erase your mind and whatnot. For people with especially high security clearances you sign a document that basically says you will not talk about any sensitive information that has been presented to you for the rest of your life and you are not allowed to leave the country without informin ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a FBI special agent and a FBI agent?

They are the same. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Added: Correct, however there is no "FBI Agent" position within the FBI. Special Agents are general service series 1811/Criminal Investigators. "FBI Agent" is a common ( Full Answer )

Who is CIA Agent Perry?

CIA Agent Perry is a platypus, a pet of Phineas, Ferb, and Candance. He is also an undercover secret angent, using a hat to switch to and from his two identities. With the brown hat on his blue head, he is a secret angent, foiling gis arch enemy Doofenshmirts's seemingly "evil" plans. With no hat, h ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you are an FBI agent?

Do most things that police officers do. But you have more power than them. An FBI agent can arrest a police officer. But your assignments will be classified and you will not be able to talk to anyone about them. You can be in the linguistics, HRT, or just an FBI agent.

Who is more sophisticated the FBI or the CIA?

That is a stupid question, they are two different things. that's like asking what is more sweeter apples or bananas . As depicted in movies (fiction) I would say the CIA is more "sophisticated".

Why are FBI agents called special?

Within the U.S. government, the title of Special Agent is used to describe any federal criminal or noncriminal investigator or detective in the 1811, 1810, 1801, 2501, or similar job series as so titled according to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) handbook. Agents are typically educated a ( Full Answer )

Education needed for FBI agent?

U.S. Citizen Must be 23 years of age 4 year degree from collage Have A valid Drivers Lisense

When do FBI agents get breaks?

F.B.I agents are allowed to take breaks when they are sick or for females having a baby. You will be released for 6 weeks after the baby is born. You can also try asking for a break .

Who gets paid more the CIA FBI or CSI?

The first two are organisations; the last is a field of science. None of them get paid at all, but the people who work within them might, and this amount will vary just as much as between any otehr type of job.

What a CIA agent do?

it depends on the type of cia agent. Lots of paper work but they basicly find out about any threats that pose on the United States. They work off U.S soil while the F.B.I works on U.S soil

Can a kid become a FBI agent?

depends if the child goes totiny tots play group they have a secret underground training if you have the money

Can you still be an FBI agent if you have scoliosis?

If your scoliosis is very mild (meaning that minimal lateral curvature is not impairing to your physical capabilities) and if you appear to be well physically conditioned, then it is possible to still qualify to be an FBI agent. However, if your scoliosis is significant (moderate to severe), then t ( Full Answer )

Do FBI agents work weekends?

Yes! because what if something happened in the weekend and someone called the FBI and the FBI didn't answer people would be in trouble and not have anyone . except probably the police but FBI is a little more important

Do FBI agents work everyday?

Not really. They usually work over night too if they get called in at night for investigation. It also matters on their schedule. They can also work on a day they are off for investigation. They will be called in for any investigation.

Can a FBI agent get fired?

Yes, one FBI agent got fired after sending unclassified documents to a pro-Israel lobby. Hope This Helped!~Hi9045

Does the CIA have more authority then the FBI?

They are not really comparable. The CIA does not enforce any laws, but collects intelligence overseas. There are no circumstances where the CIA can legally arrest you (besides the inspector general arresting CIA employees for, say, stealing money from the CIA). The FBI can arrest people in the US fo ( Full Answer )

What do CIA agents wear?

Whatever a normal person would in the same situation. Having a uniform would defeat the purpose of working in secret.

How does a real estate agent gets paid?

They're paid a commission when one of their listed houses sells. If you're asking for the full logistical details, it varies, but generally their brokerage will collect the fee from the bank at the time the house is sold and then give them some portion of it depending on exactly what their agreement ( Full Answer )

Does a cia agent have authority over a cop if he gets pulled over?

Absolutely not. Agency operatives are instructed NEVER to reveal their connection with the Agency under such minor day-to-day circumstances. Agency employees hardly ever reveal who their true employer is and normally just refer to working for some other massive federal agency bureaucracy such as the ( Full Answer )

What skills do you need for a CIA agent?

You have to... 1) Be fluent in many languages (preferred languages Russian, English, Arabic, Mandarin, languages of countries with top military) 2) Have a clean background (as well as the background's of your family and friends) 3) Get good grades, be smart 4) Majors preferred in intelligence, psych ( Full Answer )

Do CIA agents carry badges?

First off there needs to be some serious clarification here, CIAOfficers are Americans who work out of U.S. Embassies overseas, andtheir job is to recruit foreign assets who give our country secretinformation. When we think of 'spies' we are thinking of CIAOfficers, aka Intelligence Officers, Case O ( Full Answer )

Can a CIA agent become a millionaire?

Yes,some are given much latitude in setting up "companies" to conceal their covers.Some are phoney others actually have been known to make particular agents very wealthy and insure them very important business contacts long after they leave the agency.

How can you be FBI agent?

You can be an FBI agent by applying to the FBI academy. You will need to meet all of the requirements for this type of law enforcement degree including a physical and mental evaluation.