Who gives their money away?

Rich people are not the only people who give money. Churches teach people to "tithe" to the church. Other people may choose to donate money to a charity or organization.

Giving or donating has nothing at all to do with how much money a person has. Instead, it is about giving back or giving to someone or a group that also has needs. For example, an elderly person on limited income might take a mere $5.00 out each month and send the money to a homeless shelter. That $5.00 doesn't seem like much---BUT combined with other donations, it can feed many hungry people.

Ways to donate money or give money include:

  • a church
  • a homeless shelter
  • a small charity that gives money or helps the poor
  • a school, college, university
  • an animal rescue group
  • a city you see on the news that just had a disaster
  • the Red Cross
  • the Salvation Army
  • the Marines "Toys for Tots" program

There are so many people in need. If each person donated even $5.00 a month, that is $60.00 a year. That little bit of money CAN help.