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People from all walks of life enjoy geocaching. It's a great way to have some fun, get some fresh air and exercise, and spend time with the kids. (or alone)

Since geocaching is like a treasure hunt and most geocaches will include something for the kids and they love it.

Since there are over 1 million caches hidden worldwide it's easy to find ones that are easy enough to take the kids along.

Geocaches are not just hidden in the wilderness, there are caches hidden in small towns and cities as well.

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What is the answer to box 3 on geocaching?

What is a geocaching box?

What is your geocaching account?

Your geocaching account is the account you create when you register at (There are other geocaching websites but this is the website that most people use).

Fun things like geocaching?

letter boxing in like geocaching.

What channel is geocaching podcast on?

Podcacher is one of the most popular geocaching podcasts.

Is Geocaching a sport?

Yes, geocaching is a sport, as you are hiking and running around looking for treasure.

Is geocaching popular in Ireland?

Geocaching is very popular in Ireland, there are even websites dedicated to it.

How do you become a geocaching reviewer?

You can volunteer your services via the geocaching website (under the "Community" tab).

What is a sentence for geocaching?

Geocaching is like a traditional treasure hunt using a handheld portable device.

What is a geocaching cache?

Geocaching is a sort of global treasure hunt. The cache itself is the "treasure" that you have to find.

What is the travel bug?

A travel bug is a special trinket in the geocaching game, with a tag on it. It is tracked on the geocaching website.

Does the nextar me3.5 work for geocaching?


Who made geocaching?

Dave Ulmer

What are good park activities?


Is Geocaching really a sport?

Geocaching is considered by many people to be a sport as it involves a certain element of competition and can be physically and mentally challenging.

What are the disadvantages of geocaching with an android?

The biggest disadvantage to geocaching with an android is the fact that, unlike a handheld gps your android is not waterproof or durable. As a geocacher myself I can assure you, you will drop your gps device sooner or later. If you really want to try geocaching with your android go ahead and just be very careful! If you decide that you really want to continue geocaching then I highly recommend that you buy a real geocaching gps. An entry level gps can be purchased for around $50!

What is the geocaching capital of the world?

The geocaching capital of Canada is the town of Wilburforce, Ontario. It is a beautiful place and I recommend you visit it. Although I am biased: I have a cottage there.

Does Magellan tough case work with geocaching?

The Magellan Toughcase made for the iPhone and iTouch by my review and along with other individuals does not work well for geocaching. It does bring GPS capabilities to the apple products but it does not update position when hiking or walking towards a cache. This is a problem when geocaching.

Does the military use Geocaching?

While some soldiers might be into geocaching, it's not typically used by the military because it's a hobby/game/sport and not a type of technology. Geocaching is when you go in search for a hidden container at a given set of coordinates with the help of a GPS device.

How do you hold a geocaching event?

You can hold a Geocaching event by logging into your account and going to the event tab. From here, there are many options to allow an event to be created and organized.

Is Alexandra a penguin?

There is an Alexandra's Penguin on the Geocaching website.

When was geocaching invented?

It started on May 3rd 2000

What can you find geocaching?

Anything that can fit in the cache that is legal.

Who uses Geocaching?

Anyone with a GPS and a sense of adventure.

What is a hobby that was created due to GPS technology?


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What is a geocaching box? for #1 i got 72 #2 i got 302 nd as for #3 i got #2 the nxt URL is 52900