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Q: Who got effected by the event of the Whiskey Rebellion?
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What cause the Whiskey Rebelion?

The Whiskey rebellion was caused by the unfair tax that was placed on whiskey., Farmers then got together with each other to from a armed protest, where Washington and his troops crushed their rebellion.

What is an example of a protest?

The Whiskey Rebellion: When Congress imposed a tax on all whiskey things didn't look to good for the farmers. They worked and got paid for creating whiskey by reproducing the corn. Farmers organized protests and refused to pay for the tax. Also in 1794, there were officials on the western side of Pennsylvania who were trying to collect this tax. Farmers head out to Pittsburgh and eventually, this event was known as the Whiskey Rebellion.Washington responded immediately to this crisis and left to Pennsylvania and later pardoned the leaders of the rebellion. This event tested the will of the new gov. Washington's forceful explanation showed the Americans that armed rebellion wasn't acceptable in a republic.

What happened with the whiskey rebellion and what did it prove?

A tax was put in whiskey. The farmers got made so they started a rebellion. President George Washington proved that the government had power and would enforce the laws. Washington sent an army to stop the rebellion.

Federal troops crushed the Whiskey Rebellion without a fight?

George Washington did sent troops but by the time the troops got there the rebellion had collapsed. 20 members of the rebellion were caught and arrested but the charges were aquitted soon after.

What was the whiskey rebellion all about?

The Whiskey Rebellion is all about the farmers and a few citizens getting mad over taxes on the whiskey. It is also about the government not allowing farmers to turn there corn into whiskey. George Washington decided he was going to end it himself. So he gathered up some troops and headed down towards all of the rebels. But when he got there they had all dispersed, knowing that it was George Washington coming down there to stop them.

Cause and effects of the whiskey rebellion?

Hamilton taxed imported goods to protect American manufacturers from foreign competition including the whiskey since farmers imported whiskey for a living because it was easier to travel with they got angry and tarred and feathered at the tax people.

What happen during shays rebellion?

Shay got mad and had a rebellion

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How did Washington react to the whiskey rebellion and why did he react this way?

George Washington brought an army to calm the rioting farmers or other peoples, who, in response, immediately withdrew from any battle George Washington and his army would've brought. He brought the army because it was close the Shay's rebellion ( farmer down on his luck got a group of people together to overrun the gov.) and felt that such activities should be stopped.

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