Who governed the internet?


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Jacob Ellison Governed the internet.


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It is not centrally governed.

The implications of the international nature of the internet is the fact that the internet spans hundred of countries and is not governed by any one nation

No, the word governed is not an adverb.This word is actually a verb.

Homeschooling is home based education meaning the parent or guardian is in charge of the education of the child. It is done at home via internet or with books and workbooks and parent led teaching. Home schools are governed by the laws of the state they are located in.

The state is irrelevant as the Internet is not governed by state law. Whether or not is is a violation of FCC laws depends upon the intent for displaying the pictures.

It was governed represenative wise.

they were governed some how

A colony is governed by a governor.

governed by the empire

it was governed horribke thats how it was governed ya stupid twit

Italy was governed by archibald Philip primrose. but i don't know "how' it was governed

Tahiti is governed by what country

They were governed by Representatives.

it is governed by a prime minister

laws that governed slaves were

A monastery is governed by an abbot or an abbess.

The monastery is governed by Dalai Lama

Yes. It is very much illegal. It is considered the same as discriminating against homosexuals. Not that the internet is governed very well. If you or someone you know is a victim of discrimination please contact your local police.

Its probobly governed comunistly. Like China

Charter colonies were governed by a king.

It is up to the territories themselves on how they will be governed.

they were governed by a group of 30 people

It was governed with the Act of Toleration!

it was governed very badly and harshly

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