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Bruno Sammartino was the second and longest reigning wwe champion in the history of the wwe. He held the wwe championship for over 8 years.

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Q: Who had the longest reign as a champion in WWE?
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Who is the longest serving wrestling champion?

the longest championship reign in wwe history was for 1,083 days

Who is the longest WWE Intercontinental champion?

Honkey Tonk Man is the longest WWE Intercontinental champion.

Who is the Longest WWE champion?

Triple H

Who was the longest reigning ECW Champion?

The wrestler with the longest reign as ECW Champion is Shane Douglas (406 days).

Who is the longest WWE champion in WWE?

Bruno Sammartino with 2803 combined days

What is the longest title reign in WWE history?

Cm punk

Who is the longest running WWE Woman's Champion?

Trish Stratus held the Diva's title the longest in the WWE. She held it for over 36 months. Therefore she held it the longest in the WWE.

Who was the longest reining WWE heavyweight champion?

Triple H Was The longest Reigning Champion In WWF...In WWE Batista Was The Longest Reigning Champion In Smackdown!

Who is the longest reigning WWE champion in raw history?

bob backlund

Who was the longest reigning world heavy weight champion in the WWE?

it was batista,

Who won the longest rumble in WWE history?

Triple h the champion

Who has had the longest reign as WWE champion?

For the World Heavyweight Championship belt, Edge had the title for a total of 7 reigns. For the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt, John Cena had the title for a total of 12 reigns.

Who hold the record for the longest title reign in UFC's history?

Current Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva has the longest title reign in UFC history

Which WWE Superstar has held a world championship the longest?

Bruno Sammartino has held the WWE Championship the longest, a whooping 2803 days (first reign) from May 17th, 1963 to January 18th, 1971!John Cena has the longest reign for the current WWE Roster with 380 days for his third WWE Championship reign between September 17,2006 and October 2,2007.

WHo is the WWE world champion?

The current WWE champion is Sheamus. He is in his second reign as champ winning it from John Cena at the Fatal Four Way PPV in June.

Who is the WWE greatest superstar of the 21century?

Batista because he is 5 time-world heavyweight champion and he is the longgest world heavyweight champion reign in 282 days and wwe champion in 2 times

Who is yhe WWE champion?

CM Punk is the current reigning WWE champion. This is his second reign as the WWE champion and he has been a champion for nearly 4 months now. He won the title in November of 2011 when he defeated Alberto Del Rio. He has held the title ever since

Who is the longest reigning w w e wrestling champ?

John Cena is the longest reigning WWE Champion.

When is Christian Cage leaving TNA?

He is currently Competing in The WWE he is the riening ECW champion and is the longest running champion currently

Who was the longest reigning WWE champion?

Bruno Sammartino who held it for almost 8 years.

Who is the longest reigning champion in WWE?

Bruno Sammartino, he held the title for 8 years.

Who is currently the WWE United States champion?

Jack Swagger is the current reigning WWE United States Champion. He has been the champion for nearly a month. Zack Ryder was the US champion before Swagger. This is his first reign as WWE US Champion. He successfully defended his title at the Elimination Chamber pay per view in 2012

Who was heavywieght champion 1984?

hulk hogan was wwf world champion in 1984. bob backlund has the longest reign of over 6 years

Who holds the record for the longest womens championship reign in WWE?

The Fabulous Moolah (30 Years)

What is the longest time Randy Orton has held the title for?

His reigns are as follows: a. First reign as WWE champ - 0 days b. Second reign as WWE champ - 203 days c. Third reign as WWE champ - 42 days d. Fourth reign as WWE champ - 90 days e. Fifth reign as WWE champ - 21 days f. Sixth reign as WWE champ - 64 days Randy orton has been a WWE champ for a total of 420 days.