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I had heard that Stalin acquired some of Hitler's personal belongings but i am not sure what has happened to them since Joe's death. Perhaps they ended up in a soviet museum. i am interested in this stuff as well.

Further two of the cars were in North America. One in a Canadian military museum and the other in a roadside museum in the western u.s.,i believe Nevada.

Sorry, I'm a little fuzzy on the details but i hope it's of some help. b

AnswerThere was an exhibit that toured the US in 1998-199 about the War Through Russian Eyes. This exhibit included many of the items captured in Germany by the Russians. I remember it included one political hat that they said belonged to Hitler. There were other items found in the Bunker where he died; items that would be found on a desk or in an office. And that was only what Russian museums would allow to be loaned out of their country.



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