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Yes they can be a collector item, because it was created by someone famous, leave it in the package though and it could be worth millions.

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Q: Who has heard or seen Brillant White Diamonds Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor it is not White Diamonds Could they be a Collector item?
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Who launched her own perfume called White Diamonds?

Elizabeth Taylor

Did Elizabeth Taylor do any other commercials?

You can see her in a few of her perfume commercials, the scent is named White Diamonds.

Where can someone buy White Diamonds perfume?

You can buy White Diamonds perfume by Elizabeth Taylor for Macy's or even Boots. Most good perfume shops should stock this fragrance but if you still are struggling to find it then going onto Amazon and eBay should yield good results.

Where can the White Diamonds perfume be bought for cheap?

The White Diamonds perfume can be bought and purchased on the Amazon website also at Macys and as well as E-bay. There will be ratings and reviews on the White Diamond Perfume as well.

What is a good perfume for a 60 year old?

You could try Clinique Happy for a fun and light scent, or elizabeth Taylor white diamonds for a more formal scent.

Is white diamonds a good perfume to wear?

I have never heard of white diamounds perfume but it seems like a pretty name for perfume, so my answer is...YES!

Who produces Blue Grass perfume?

Blue Grass perfume is produced by Elizabeth Arden. Elizabeth Arden started the perfume in 2007 and made sure that this perfume had nice notes of sweetness without being too sharp or offensive.

Where can one purchase the perfume Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden?

The Elizabeth Arden perfume "Blue Grass" can be purchased both online and in stores. Stores such as Macys, Amazon, The Perfume Spot, and eBay all carry the "Blue Grass" perfume.

From which retailers can one purchase green tea perfume?

Elizabeth Arden has some green tea perfume for sale, as well as Sephora. The main retailer of green tea perfume is Elizabeth Arden. You can probably find these products at an Elizabeth Arden shop.

Queen Elizabeth Perfume?

Queen Elizabeth's perfume is a fragrance with mostly lavender apple heliotrope and some thing else!!!! You can make it by buying Perfumery!!!!

What is the price of a 100 ml perfume bottle of Elizabeth Arden Red Door?

In the UK the price of Elizabeth Arden Red Door 100ml Perfume is å£51.50. Elizabeth Arden Red Door Perfume can be found in any well known retailers such as The Perfume Shop, Debenhams etc. This perfume can be found worldwide too in many other countries.

What perfume begins with letter E?

Elizabeth Arden

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