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People will say liverpool, but i have no doubt villa do.

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Has Aston vila be relegated before?

Aston villa has been relegate 4 times from top flight football and 5 times in general.

What is the population of Vila Vila Municipality?

Vila Vila Municipality's population is 4,591.

What has the author Joan Vila Vila written?

Joan Vila Vila has written: 'Pell'

Which football team has won the fa cup most?

the most win fa cup team is Manchester united and they get the cup for 11 times while arsenal won the cup for 10 times, tottenham 8 times, Liverpool 7 times, Aston vila 7 times and Chelsea 6 times

What is Vila Vila's population?

The population of Vila Vila is 426.

What is Subprefecture of Vila Maria-Vila Guilherme's population?

Subprefecture of Vila Maria-Vila Guilherme's population is 287,866.

Where is port-vila?


Who is the quickest soccer player ever?

Must be between....... Obafami Martins(Newcastle), David Odonkor(Real Betis), Gael Clichy(Arsenal), Theo Walcott(Arsenal) and Cristiano Ronaldo(Manchester United). Although ; Aaron Lennon(Tottenham), Ashley Young(Aston Villa), Gabriel Agbonlahor(Aston Vila), Kolo Toure(Arsenal), Quincy Owusu Abeyie(Celta Vigo), Djibril Cisse(Marseille), Julius Aghahowa(Wigan), Fernando Torres(Liverpool) and Yohan Gouffran(Caen) might have a chance aswell.

When did Roland Vila die?

Roland Vila died in 1998.

What is the population of Port Vila?

The population of Port Vila is 35,901.

How tall is Carla Vila?

Carla Vila is 5' 4".

What is Vila Velha's population?

Vila Velha's population is 407,579.

What is Vila Flor's population?

Vila Flor's population is 7,737.

What is the population of Vila-seca?

Vila-seca's population is 21,373.

Is Vila Verde a village?

Yes vila verde was avillage 500bc

What nicknames does Carla Vila go by?

Carla Vila goes by Carlita.

What is Vila-rodona's population?

The population of Vila-rodona is 1,276.

When was Bob Vila born?

Bob Vila was born on June 20, 1946.

When was Miguel Vila Ubach born?

Miguel Vila Ubach was born in 1972.

What is the population of Vila Viçosa Municipality?

Vila Viçosa Municipality's population is 8,745.

When did Pere Alberch Vila die?

Pere Alberch Vila died in 1582.

When was Pere Alberch Vila born?

Pere Alberch Vila was born in 1517.

When was Vila Matautia born?

Vila Matautia was born on 1969-08-31.

When did Manuel Pérez Vila die?

Manuel Pérez Vila died in 1991.

When was Manuel Pérez Vila born?

Manuel Pérez Vila was born in 1922.

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