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It depends on what you mean by "power." If you mean the power to read a newspaper through brick walls, or fly through the air unseen for long distances, or bend steel bars with your bare hands, or melt stainless steel with your x-ray vision, then the answer would clearly have to be a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason. But, if you mean the power to get free sodas from any vending machine, or always find an empty parking spot, or the power to get a comfy nice armchair at work, or always get a warning instead of a ticket when you're stopped for speeding, that kind of stuff, then the answer is that kind of power is for Knights Templar only.

Degrees in Freemasonry, Scottish Rite, Royal Arch, etc. DO NOT confer power.

Even in Blue Craft Freemasonry, the Grand Master, though afforded particular respect, is "On the Level" with all other Master Masons.

Ahh, the "Blue Craft" Freemasonry. That's the stuff.

There is no degree of Craft Freemasonry higher than that of Master Mason. Although some Masonic bodies and orders have further degrees named with higher numbers, these degrees may be considered to be supplements to the Master Mason degree rather than promotions from it. An example is the Scottish Rite, conferring degrees numbered from 4° up to 33°. It is essential to be a Master Mason in order to qualify for these further degrees. They are administered on a parallel system to Craft or Blue Lodge Freemasonry; within each organisation there is a system of offices, which confer rank within that degree or order alone.

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Was Audie Murphy a Mason?

Yes, He was a 32 Degree Scottish Rite and a Honorary 33 Degree mason.

What is the highest degree that a freemason can attain?

The highest degee in Freemasonry is the Third degree, That of a Master Mason. The Scottish Rite (a separate organization requiring one to be a Mason to belong) has numbered degrees from 4th to 33rd degree which last is an honorary one. None of these extra degrees make a man any more of a mason, more important, or more powerful than a 3rd degree mason. The 33rd degree is in the Scottish rite of Freemasonry not the traditional lodge where one is made a mason.

Is Obama a free mason?

Obama is not a Freemason, not a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason. Only 14 presidents have been Freemasons,

What does the Knights Templer have to do with the Masonic Lodge?

Originally, the medieval Order of Knights Templar (The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Jesus Christ, or Knights of the Temple) was founded in 1118, following the 1st Crusade, by a small band of knights who pledged themselves to protect pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem. The order was officially dissolved in 1312.The Freemasons, or "Ancient Free and Accepted Masons," is the world's oldest fraternal organization. Although its origins rest in the stone mason guilds of the medieval period, the fraternal, or "speculative" rather than "operative," masonic lodges began around 1700. Within the next few decades stories arose tying their linage to that of the fabled Knights Templar. These stories were speculative at best, being based mostly on pure fancy. Despite what a few authors have tried to proclaim, there is no known historical evidence linking the original ancient Knights Templar to Freemasonry.The Masonic Knights Templar degrees began about the middle of the 18th century, most likely in France and spreading to Scotland, England, and elsewhere. (The first recorded Knight Templar conferral in America was that of William Davis in August of 1769 in Boston.) This degree is part of the "appendant bodies" of Freemasonry, typically within the York Rite, so that while all Knights Templar are Freemasons, not all Freemasons are Knights Templar.The modern Knights Templar make no claim to any direct link with the medieval Templars. Rather, as the Grand Encampment of the United States says:The Knights Templar is a Christian-oriented fraternal organization based on the ancient organization that was founded in the 11th century. Today, the Knights Templar display their courage and goodwill in different ways than the ancient Templars. Members of the Order today organize fund-raising activities such as breakfasts, dinners, dances and flea markets for the support of Masonic-related youth groups, in addition to raising millions of dollars for charitable purposes.For more information see:

What is a third degree mason?

A "Third Degree Mason", also known as a "Master Mason", is a Mason who has undergone the Master Mason's Degree in a Masonic Lodge.

Kevin Rudd is How high degree mason?

32nd Degree Prince Hall Mason I know my grandaddy was a mason.

What lodge did Joe H Fendley Sr belong to?

Philomathea Masonic Lodge #25 in Elberton, He is a York Rite and Scottish Rite 32 degree Mason.

What does a non political 33rd degree mason do?

There is no such thing as a non political 33rd degree mason.

What is the highest degree in freemasonry?

The answer to this question is dependent on semantics. Masonic tradition says that there is no degree that is higher than that of Master Mason, or the third degree. The other degrees of Freemasonry that bear higher numbers are not "higher" than that of Master Mason, but are only numbered that way. These are really only additional, but not higher, degrees. These other Masonic degrees and orders that are conferred within the various "rites" of Freemasonry, include the degrees of the Scottish Rite which go up through the Thirty-third, the American (York) Rite which go up through the Order of the Temple (Knight Templar), the French Rite which go up through its seventh degree, the Swedish Rite which goes up through its eleventh degree of Knight Commander of the Red Cross, etc.

Was Harry Truman a free mason?

Yes, Harry Truman was a Free Mason and a well know one among Free Masons. He was the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Missouri while also serving as Vice President to FDR. He was also a 33 degree Scottish Rite Mason and Past Master of his lodge.

How do you become a knights templar?

I depends on what you mean exactly. The only known order in existence today is connected with the Freemasons. However, there is no real proof of that connection. It is assumed that the exiled Knights became Freemasons in Scotland. So, for now, if you want to become a Templar, you will first need to become a Freemason - third degree, or Master Mason. Seek out a lodge near you and ask if they are connected with the York Rite bodies. Not all lodges are, and not all lodges are recognized as legitimate lodges. Also, check out the related link - select a state from the Grand Commanderies drop down menu. Maybe this will also help. Good luck in your quest - that is what it's all about. ǂ

What is the 3rd level mason handshake?

When you become a 3rd Degree Mason, you will be shown.

What has the author Margaret F P Mason written?

Margaret F P. Mason has written: 'An ancient Scottish clan'

Did the free masons evolve from the Templar?

Within the Masonic Family there are what are called different "Rites." After becoming a Master Mason in a "Blue Lodge" you can join (in the USA) the "York Rite." Part of the York Rite is an order called a Commandary in which you receive 3 orders culminating in the candidate being metaphorically knighted a Knight Templar. You then get the Masonic title of Sir Knight. This knighting is symbolic only and does not mean you are actually a Knight Templar. Some Masonic historians believe that the Knights Templar may have had a roll in forming what has become modern speculative Free Masonry but this is only a theory and no evidence exists the confirm the connection between the two.

How do you know what degree you are in York Rite Freemasonry if you are aMark Master mason in Mark and a Companion in Chapter?

Mark Master Mason (MMM) is directly after the Master Mason degree; then is Past Master (PM), Most Excellent Master (MEM), then the Royal Arch Degree at which time the Brother becomes a Companion. The Chapter Degrees are not numbers like in the Scottish Rite or Blue Lodge. In Britain, the order of these degrees is quite different. A Master Mason may become a RAM in England; a Fellowcraft in Scotland generally becomes a MMM before becoming a Master Mason. The PM (Virtual Past Master) degree is unheard of outside of the United States or those places who derive their ritual directly from there.

How many degrees of freemasonry are there?

There are three basic degrees of Freemasonry: Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason. There are also a number of extra degrees in which a mason can pursue further researches. In the Scottish Rite system, these are numbered from four to thirty-two, with a thirty-third for the leaders of this body. However, the higher numbers are misleading as they imply that the degrees are more important or confer more power on the holder than the Master Mason degree. Neither of these is true. It also suggests that the only degrees beyond the Master Mason degree exist in the Scottish Rite system, whereas in fact there are a whole group of degrees in what is loosely called the York Rite, including the Royal Arch degree, none of which are counted in the Scottish Rite numbering system. York rite degrees exceed a dozen, and there are others associated with neither the York or Scottish Rites. All of this can change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so the answer to how many different degrees are being worked is different in each jurisdiction.

What is the third degree mason handshake?

Before you can learn any of the Knowledge given to Master Mason you must first be Duly Initiated, Passed and the Raised to the degree of Master Mason and then you would have earned what it is you are asking for.

Is Newt Gingrich a third degree master mason?

Newt was wearing a Masonic pin on his lapel at a recent debate that indicated he is a 33rd degree Mason.

Difference between a 32nd and 33rd degree Mason?

In the United States, members of the Scottish Rite can be elected to receive the 33° by the Supreme Council. It is conferred on members who have made major contributions to society or to Masonry in general. In the Southern Jurisdiction, a member who has been a 32° Scottish Rite Mason for 46 months or more is eligible to be elected to receive the "rank and decoration" of Knight Commander of the Court of Honour (K.C.C.H.) in recognition of outstanding service. After 46 months as a K.C.C.H. he is then eligible to be elected to the 33rd degree.

What degree is a master mason?

The three degrees of masonry are (in order), Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason.

How many degrees in free mason?

There are three degrees in Fremasonry: The 1st Degree (Entered Apprentice), the 2nd Degree (Fellowcraft) and 3rd Degree (Master Mason). Although there are appendant Masonic bodies that offer further "degrees" (such as the Scottish Rite), there is nothing higher than the 3rd Degree in Freemasonry. However, most modern Masonic systems calls the appendant lodges Masonic as well, and the above view is rather orthodox. In the Swedish 10-degree system, the first 3 are in one lodge, then you get transferred to another to continue. The 33-degree system is probably the most common worldwide.

What is the Word of a ninth Degree Masonic Lodge?

There is no "9th Degree Masonic Lodge". There are three degrees in Freemasonry: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason. The Scottish Rite confers degrees from 4 to 32 but these are used to understand the lessons of the first three degrees more deeply.

Can you please tell me any thing about free mason?

Sure, it's just a men's lodge like the Shriner's-actually they are an offshoot. They have a rich history going back to The Knights templar and included many historical figures like Washington. There are less lodges of all types around now since times have changed.

What are the 3 degrees in freemasonry?

1. Entered Apprentice Degree 2. Fellowcraft Degree 3. Master Mason Degree

What are the members of freemassons?

17th degree and higher are satanists, Adolph Hitler was a 32nd degree mason.

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