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Who has number 59 in Pokemon diamond?

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That Pokemon is cherrim and to find it you have to battle trainers

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don't u mean what Pokemon is 59? if u do then Pokemon 59 is cherrim

you find cherubi (in honey tree) then evolve it at level 25

number 59 is cherrim. ace trainer shannon has one, she's on the south side of route 221.

Pokemon number 59 in the sinnoh pokedex is cherrim, the evolution of cherubi.

i think that its impossible.really,if u think of it,this can be refered to as satoyam has a gf called tracuy.would u agree?

cherrim you can find it by battling a certain Pokemon trainer on iron island

In the national pokedex it's Arcanine. In the sinnoh dex it's Cherrim.

You can exchange Battle Points for it at the Battle Tower.

you cant catch a cherrim you have to catch a cherubi and evolve it

Pokemon 222 on Pokemon diamond is (CORSOLA) there is Pokemon 222 and you have to gts trade or link trade it to get

In Pokemon diamond number 139 is Milotic.

That is Cherrim, the evolution of cherubi.

it is unown you can find them in solaceon runs

Pokemon #114 is Unown, and in Diamond, you can find it in the Solaceon Ruins.

Pokemon is a very famous cartoon and games series. The number 386 in the national Pokedex in Pokemon Diamond is Deoxys.

SPRITOMB you can see it in the elite four.Champion Cynthia has it.It is her first pokemon.

You can find number 45 almost an where in Pokemon diamond and all you have to do in smear some honey on a tree and get number 45 which is the Pokemon Burmy that evolves into Wormadam

That would be the number for Regigigas.

The Pokemon that is number two in the National Pokedex is ivysaur.