Who has p diddy dated?

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Q: Who has p diddy dated?
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Who is richer jayz or p-diddy?

P-Diddy of course....

Does p diddy have vodka?

Diddy owns Ciroc Vodka.

How much is diddy worth?

Diddy is worth $1.8billion by forbes.

How old is diddy?

Diddy is 41 years old (Birthdate:November 4,1969)

What is the name of diddy kong's team for Mario super sluggers?

They are the diddy monkeys.

What are all the names that Sean Combs has used throughout his career?

The ones I know are: Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy and Diddy. He uses Puff, Puff Daddy, Diddy, Sean John, P.Diddy, Daddy Diddy and Sean Combs.

Who is diddy kongs father?

I think is Donkey Kong I don't know Diddy kong father

How do you unlock diddy kong in Mario kart wii?

You can unlock diddy kong by winning the 50cc lightning cup.

Who got more money p diddy or lil wanye?

Diddy has more money. He makes a lot of it from Ciroc vodka.

Why is a new baby chick sometimes called a did or diddy What is the origin of the term did or diddy?

For the way they run and hop around. The term did or diddy seems to only be used in Australia and New Zealand. Sometimes in The British Isles.

Is p diddy Haitian?


Who Is Richer P Diddy or Jay Z?

Jay-Z is richer than Diddy. Jay-Z is the wealthiest rapper in the business.

Has Diddy ever been on the Oprah show?

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs was a guest on her show at least once: on September 29, 2004.

Is donkeykong diddy's uncle?


Who is diddy dating?

Simon Pearson

Is Aubrey pregnant from diddy?

no she is not

Who do the singer Cassie go with?

Cassie is with Diddy. They are engaged and planning to secretly wed sometime after her newest album [her 2nd] Conneticut Fever is released which features the single Official Girl with Lil Wayne which she actually jacked from Karina Pasian.Cassie and Diddy have been together for 2 and a half years on and off again. She broke up with Diddy and dated Ryan Leslie for a few months, but after people started speculating that she was pregnant by him..they splitted ways and that's the REAL reason she wrote Official Girl. Diddy was still being rumored to have something going on with Kim Porter, so Cassie got in the studio with Ryan L and made the Official Girl track with Weezy. The lyrics and video obviously show that she was waiting for Diddy to make her his Official Girl.Now they are engaged Cassie and Diddy are seen EVERYWHERE. She sometimes wears the engagement ring he bought her, but the wedding hasn't been given an exact date..but they have said it'll be either this year, or sometime in the spring of Next year.

What rapper's full name was Sean John Combs?

P. Diddy, diddy, puff daddy. He was CEO of bad boy records, where biggie smalls was signed

What do Jay-Z and Diddy have in Common and How are they different?

In Common - ... they are both black Different - ...Jay-Z $547 Mil; P. Diddy $547.5 Mil

How many kids does p diddy have?


What does p diddy own?

Ciroc beverage

How much money does Pdiddy have?

P Diddy's net worth is $580 million dollars. P Diddy is most known for founding the record label, Bad Boy Records.

When and who discovered Astronomy in ancient China?

p diddy

What is p-diddy's net worth?

Diddy as a estimated 600 million dollar net worth. Estimated worth in 2006: $346 million 50 mil

What university did Sean Diddy attend?

Howard University .