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Who has played every position in one baseball game?

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In MLB history, there have been five players to play all nine positions in one game. They are Cesar Tovar of the Twins in 1968, Bert Campenaris of the Athletics in 1965, Jose Oquendo of the St. Louis Cardinals, Scott Shelden of the Rangers in 2000, and Shane Halter of the Tigers in 2000. Jose Oquendo final game as a player was in 1995: however he played every position during the 1988 season.

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Who played in every position in baseball in one game?

Shane Halter

What was the first baseball game every played?


Who was the last person to play all nine positions on a baseball field in one college baseball game?

The last person to accomplish this was in the year 2008, as a Florida State player played every position in a single game.

Which position in the united states game of baseball is not played in the national league?

Designated hitter.

What Detroit tiger played every position except pitcher in one game?

Shane Halter

What is the most important position in Baseball?

Every position is important. However, pitchers are most important. They control the whole outcome of the game. A good catcher and first baseman are also needed.

When was the first baseball game played?

Alexander Cartwright Invented Baseball and Played in the First Game.

What is a night game in baseball?

A night game in baseball is a game played at night.

Who is the only baseball player to play every position in a game?

Actually, four different players (Bert Campaneris, Cesar Tovar, Scott Sheldon, and Shane Halter) have played all nine positions in the same Major League game. Campaneris also pitched both right-handed and left-handed in the game in which he played all nine positions.

What is Doubleday Baseball Field?

Doubleday Field is near the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY. It is the sight of the first organized baseball game every played.

What is the major game played in baseball?


What was the first game of baseball ever played?

The first game of baseball every played was just that, baseball. However, most research seems to point to the English sport of rounders as the basis for modern baseball. The very first recorded baseball game using modern rules took place in 1846 between the New York Knickerbockers and the New York Nine.

Perfect game baseball?

A perfect game in baseball is when a picher retires every batter in a nine inning game.

When was the first game played in baseball?

Cincinnati Redlegs played the first game.

Is the Star Spangled Banner the song played before a baseball game?

Yes. That's the national anthem and is played before every game. Everyone in attendance stands and takes off their hat while the national anthem is played.

What is the only two days every year that dont have a sport played on?

The only two days every year that don't have a sport played on are the day before and after the All-Star Game for Major League Baseball.

What game is played on a diamond?


What is matinee baseball?

It's a Baseball game that is played in the afternoon.

Baseball is which countries game?

The national game of Venezuela is Baseball.

What is the game played that is similar to baseball?

A game played that is similar to baseball is softball, which is the female version of baseball. Rounders and T-ball are also adaptations of baseball, involving a baseball bat, diamond and bases.

What do you call a baseball game in which the pitcher strikes out every batter?

a perfect game

How does a baseball same to the game baseball?

You use a baseball to play the game baseball. If you really look at the name you see the first part of the word is base. In the game of baseball you run the bases every time you get a hit.

Who was the last placekicker who played another position in a game?

Best as I can tell, the last placekicker who played another position in a game was the late George Blanda, who played backup quarterback as well as performing kicking duties for the Oakland Raiders in 1971.

When was the first baseball game?

Impossible to say, as the game we now call "baseball" evolved over many decades. Nobody can ever state with any exactness that, "Every game played prior to this date was NOT baseball, but the game played on this date WAS." In 1791, a game specifically named "baseball" was banned from being played within eighty yards of the town hall of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The exact rules of the game being banned are impossible to determine. The first RECORDED instance of a game played with WRITTEN rules similar to those of modern baseball was on 1846 June 19. Whether the writing of these "Knickerbocker Rules" was a deliberate attempt to change the game of town ball, or simply the first written record of how the game had evolved over the years, is impossible to determine.

How much does a baseball player make every game?

about 1000 dollars each game