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Guns 'N' Roses did "Live and Let Die" - that is one James Bond Movie theme. It was a cover of the Movie version done by Sir Paul McCartney and Wings. I've never heard a "heavy rock" version of the "James Bond Theme" which is the jazz intro featured during the opening "gun barrel sequence" of most James Bond films (I think the current "Casino Royale" (2006) is an exception). This theme was written by Monty Norman, who has been collecting royalties on it since 1962.

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When was James Bond Theme - Moby's Re-Version - created?

James Bond Theme - Moby's Re-Version - was created in 1997.

Did anyone record the song to airport love theme winds of chance?

The Canadian singer Ed Evanko recorded the vocal version of the theme

Who wrote the James Bond theme tune?

The famous James Bond theme was written by British composer Monty Norman and first recorded on June 21st, 1962.

Was nichelle nichols the voice of Star Trek theme song?

No. The vocals heard in the version of the theme recorded in the '60s were performed by soprano Loulie Jean Norman. The vocals for the version of the theme created for the remastered episodes were performed by Elin Carlson.

Which James Bond theme song version should you buy on iTunes?

The best version of the James Bond Theme (from the motion picture Dr. Np) is the one from the album The Best of Bond... James Bond because it is the original one performed by John Barry & His Orchestra.

What instruments are used in the James Bond theme tune?

The original James Bond theme as recorded by Monty Norman in 1962 consisted of five saxophones, nine brass, and a solo guitar.

Who sing the as time goes by theme song?

The song 'As Time Goes By' was written by Herman Hupfeld and has been recorded by many famous artists. The theme song version for the British TV show, As Time Goes By, was recorded by Frances Williams.

Where can you find Doctor Who theme song mp3s?

There is a version that can be used on You Tube. The BBc website (Doctor Who) may have it at times as well. The newest version is by the Welsh Philharmonic Orchestra. You may also find a version (You tube) of the theme which was recorded at The Proms in London some 3 years ago.

Were James Bond theme songs recorded in different languages?

It is possible, but considering the James Bond theme songs are well known around the world, they were played internationally both in the films and on commercial radio airplay as is.

What is the name of the song that is the EastEnders theme tune?

Anita Dobson (Angie from the good old days recorded a version of it) Her version was called "Anyone Can Fall In Love"

Who sung the collingwood theme song?

The version used at AFL matches before the game and after a victory was recorded by a group called 'The Fable Singers'. In 1972 the group recorded all the then VFL club theme songs and they were released on 7 inch vinyl records.

What is the song that sounds like the James Bond theme. I know its a rock song?

Many composers have referenced the Bond theme in their music. The Bond theme itself has similarities to Henry Mancini's "Peter Gunn Theme". Bruce Willis once recorded a medley of the James Bond Theme and the Johnny Rivers song "Secret Agent Man".

Has tom Jones recorded a James Bond theme tune?

Yes. Welsh singer Tom Jones performed the title song for the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball.

What is the theme of the book of James in the New Testament?

The theme is James is A FAITH GAGUE

When was James Bond Theme created?

James Bond Theme was created in 1962.

Name of the artist who originally performed the Pot Black snooker theme tune?

The theme tune was George Botsford's "Black And White Rag" and I understand the version used for the TV series was recorded by Winifred Atwell back in 1952.

What are the theme songs for Jungle Book Shonen Mowgli?

The English version for the opening theme is "Look Up" and the English version for the ending theme is "A child is Learning" and the Japanese opening theme is "Get Up" and the Japanese ending theme is "Child of The Earth"

Who sang the Pokemon theme song?

Bill Crawford sang the movie version of the Pokemon theme song. Jason Paige sang the television version of the Pokemon theme song.

What is the James Bond theme tune called?

It's titled simply "James Bond Theme".

What is the theme of the gift by James Patterson?

The theme(s) of The Gift by James Patterson are resistance, danger, and love.

Is there a English version of the Naruto theme song?

no there is not

How do you play The Simpsons theme rock version on the guitar? If you go to that website and search 'simpsons theme' you will find the rock version tab on there.

Did Chaka Khan sang a James Bond theme?

She remade two James Bond theme songs, Diamonds Are Forever and Goldfinger, but she hasn't done an original James Bond theme song herself.

Who recorded the Munsters theme song?

"The Munsters' Theme" was written by composer/arranger Jack Marshall .

Michael Tippett Fantasia concertante on a theme of Corelli Concerto for double string orchestra etc akenfield?

Fantasia Concertante on a Theme of Corelli by Michael Tippett, version of Neville Marriner, recorded in 1970, first published on the label Argo, ZRG-680

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