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My parents went through this a few years ago. Nobody does. It's usually the party who wants the fence repaired/replaced. My parents were fine with the old fence and told our neighbors "No" they will not help with the cost. Neighbors could do nothing about it. They replaced the fence anyways.

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Which is NOT a type of financial responsibility in relation to California Compulsory Financial Responsibility Law?

A winning lotto ticket

What is California vehicle registration financial responsibility program?

The registration financial responsibility program requires that vehicles have proof of insurance(the financial responsibility) at all time. If you have a lapse in this coverage the insurance company can report you to the DMV in which case they suspend your registration.

How do you see the role of society today - south Africa?

Social responsibility Religious responsibility Financial responsibility Political responsibility

What is every citizens financial responsibility?


What will the DMV accept as proof of financial responsibility?

"Financial responsibility" in DMV-speak, has nothing to do with how much money YOU have. It is a reference to a valid auto insurance policy issued in your name.

Do all states require auto insurance?

Financial ResponsibilityAll 50 states require Financial Responsibility whenever your vehicle is operated on Public Roads. Buying Auto Insurance is not the only way to meet your financial obligations. Most states will allow you to post a bond or self insure as another means of metting your Financial Responsibility Requirements.

When are you required to show proof of financial responsibility?

You are required to to show proof of financial responsibility for the death, injury, or property damage they may cause while operating a motor vehicle.

Proof of financial responsibility must be maintained by?

All Drivers

As a driver you have responsibility for any damage or injuries you cause?


When must you have proof of financial responsibility?

Every time you drive

As a driver you have what responsibility for any damage or injuries you cause?


When must you comply with the Financial Responsibility Law?

all times

What are the 3 R's of financial literacy?

Reality, responsibility, and restraint.

What is custodial parents legal and financial responsibility of 16 yr boy who marries?

When marrried he is emancipated and you no longer have any responsibility.

What if i have no car or car insurance?

It is illegal to drive without financial responsibility.

What will the DMV not accept as proof of financial responsibility?

notarized letter from banker

Serving the financial division of the government is the primary responsibility of the?

Department of the Treasury

What is meant by without financial responsibility?

You spend your money without thought

What does ftmfr in a traffic ticket mean?

Failure to maintain financial responsibility.

Discuss the importance of social responsibilities and financial decision making?

Social responsibility refers the responsibility companies owe the community for doing business there. Financial decision are the decisions made that impact the finances of the organization.

Proof of financial responsibility must be obtained by who?

Proof of financial responsibility may be asked in conjunction with: Borrowing money, Sponsoring an immigrant into the United States, Renting a house or apartment, Applying for a driver's license, Admission to a College. Generally, it is called "Proof of Responsibility" which includes the person's personal finances and any insurance they may have obtained as coverage for financial matters.

If you are required to show proof of financial responsibility for the future how many years must such proof proof be kept up?

When required to maintain proof of financial responsibility, this proof must remain on file for two years.

What is the Properties of financial asset?

the properties of financial assets are:moneynessdivisibility and dominationreversibilityterms to maturityliquiditycurrencyconvertibilitycash flow and return predictabilitycomplexity andtax status

What documents will the DMV not accept as proof of financial responsibility?

notarized letter from banker

When are you requierd to show proof of financial responsibility?

at the time of apply for driver license