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Lots of superstars have a lot of fans. CM Punk, John Cena, Randy Orton, Big Show, Rey Mysterio. There are probably lots more but those are the main guys that I can think of.

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How many fans does the WWE have?

i think the wwe have about 76 million fans

How many WWE fans in Pakistan?

98 Lac WWE Fans In Pakistan

When will the WWE give cena another title?

Soon, probably. As many fans hate him,but he does have a HUGE fanbase so it should be relatively soon...

What is a face on WWE?

A face on WWE is a good guy who is cheered by the fans

Can you be 11 to be in WWE?

heck no u have to have huge muscles to be in the wwe

Who is bigshow?

he is a wwe wreastler and the largest in wwe i am a huge fan of wwe and im a girl and im only 10 oh and did i mention that i am a huge fan of the bigshow too(:

Do Justin Bieber have huge fans?

Yes hi has a lot of fans

Are there any huge American Michael Jackson fans out there?

Yes, there are many Michael Jackson fans out there that would consider themselves to be huge fans. These fans would likely have all of his albums and may have attended several of his concerts.

What types of products are available through the WWE shop?

The WWE shop has many products available for wrestling fans such as shirts, hats, posters and DVD sets. It is the ultimate source for WWE fans wanting officially licensed products.

Which matches in WWE is not predetermined?

Cyber Sunday. The WWE Fans pick the matches but then they are predetrmined. Other then that, none.

Who has more fans John cena or Randy Orton?

John Cena has more younger fans, while Orton fans are teens/young adults. overall, judging by merchandise, i think Cena has the most fans. if either of the men left the WWE, the WWE would be screwed though.

Wwe vs tna who woulld win?

A WWE fans Opinion WWE is for entertainment lovers and wrestling fans, TNA is unable to entertain like WWE. I like wwe more than TNA as TNA has to much drama. Both the wrestling's are good, every TNA fan and every WWE fan have a different opinion. Please discus your opinion in the discussion section.

Do Cena have large fans than rock?

ya cena has more fans than rock and anybodyelse in the wwe

How do you get a WWE superstar to come to your house?

You don't they do visit the fans at home

Is the undertaker from WWE respected?

undertaker is well respected by most fans.

When is Jeff hardy returning to the WWE?

Yes ! Jeff Hardy will return to WWE . When the time is right . He will probably return to WWE on 12/12/12 as a return since he misses his WWE fans.

Does WWE or TNA have the most fans?

Well, if you count how globally friendly and big the company is, you would have to think WWE would have the most fans, for many reasons. That includes merchandise, websites, social networking, and tours.

What channel is fan appreciation day for WWE?

It is the event in WWE which is referred by the commentators, superstars and authorities as the day in which the fans are thanked for their support to them.

Was John Cena ever hated by WWE fans?

Never john cena was one of the only superstars to always be cheered on by fans

What is is WWE Superstar batistas salary?

Sorry the Superstars do not discuss their salary with fans

Does anyone on WWE have msn?

No they do not have one for fans, just for families and close friends.

What is WWE Matt Hardy's number?

Sorry that is private information and not given out to the fans

Is WWE fakevote out of 100?

no wwe is not fake they risk it all just to entertain the fans they leave blood,sweet,and tears in that squared circle.

How do you become a WWE ref?

Whatever the fans say, WWE is a soap opera. You'll need to prove that you are a great actor in a job interview.

Why did Hulk Hogan leave the WWE?

Hulk Hogan left the WWE because his career had started to decline, fans were not as interested in him as they once were. He left WWE and went over to WCE. However, in 2014 he went back to the WWE.

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