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The Undertakers Wrestlemania streak is the longest winning streak in WWE history.

Also, Goldberg had an undefeated streak of more than 150 matches during consecutive WCW Monday Nitro shows when he was with WCW

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Q: Who has the longest winning streak in WWE history?
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Who holds the WWE longest undefeated streak?

Andre the Giant

Who has had the longest career in WWE history?


Will Shawn micheals end the 16-0 streak?

No, why would the wwe scriptwriter let Shawn michaels end undertaker's winning streak. He might lose one day and that day will be undertakers last day in wwe No, why would the wwe scriptwriter let Shawn michaels end undertaker's winning streak. He might lose one day and that day will be undertakers last day in wwe

Who had the longest reign as a champion in WWE?

Bruno Sammartino was the second and longest reigning wwe champion in the history of the wwe. He held the wwe championship for over 8 years.

What is the longest title reign in WWE history?

Cm punk

What WWE superstar went the longest undeafeted since they first appeared?

tatanka with his 2 year undeafeted streak.

Who is the longest serving wrestling champion?

the longest championship reign in wwe history was for 1,083 days

Who is the longest reigning WWE champion in raw history?

bob backlund

Who won the longest rumble in WWE history?

Triple h the champion

When will WWE edgereturn?

well edge has already returned at royal rumble and won so he is a good guy now and nicer and is on a winning streak

What was the longest match in WWE history?

royal rumble 1997 it was 2 hours long

Who won the most fights in WWE?

i think it was goldberg who had a 169 winning streak that number may be wrong but if it is its close its undertaker he went undefeated for like a year or more when he made his debut then lost that streak when stone cold beat him at like 1991 or something like that for wwe championship.

Will Triple H be at WrestleMania 27?

i went on wikipedis and typed undertaker and this is what it said he Undertaker was undefeated at WrestleMania with an 18-0 record after Triple H ended his streak at Wrestlemania XXVII which was the single longest undefeated WrestleMania streak in WWE history. im telling the truth go on wikipedia undertaker then on the second paragraph

Why is wwe Kane on a losing streak?

The McMahon's descision

Who is the longest WWE Intercontinental champion?

Honkey Tonk Man is the longest WWE Intercontinental champion.

Who is the longest running WWE Woman's Champion?

Trish Stratus held the Diva's title the longest in the WWE. She held it for over 36 months. Therefore she held it the longest in the WWE.

Will goldberg return WWE for break streak of undertaker because only he can do this?

I don't think so. Even if he returns I the wwe I don't think undertaker Will lose the streak to him

Is the undertaker returning to WWE?

yes he will because of his wrestlemania streak

Smash is a wWe legeND?

Yes. He, along with Ax, were one of the best tag teams in WWE history as Demolition. If I'm not mistaken, they hold the record for longest tag team title reign in WWE history. If they don't currently hold it, I know they did for many a year.

Who is the longest reigning WWE champion in smackdown history?

Gregory Helms A.K.A The Hurricane held the title for 385 days.

How many matches has goldberg won?

The exact number is unknwon. While he was with WCW, he had the longest undefeated streak for the most number of consecutive wins without losing a single match. His streak was over 150 wins. Even in the WWE he had a very impressive win%.

Is rey mysterio WWE champion?

Rey Mysterio was a former WWE Champion winning it against The Miz on Monday Night Raw in 2011, and then losing it to John Cena. Making Rey, the shortest champion in history of WWE.

Will the Undertaker appear at WrestleMania 2011?

Yes. Most probably he will be part of the 2011 Wrestle mania. He has the longest winning streak of any wrestler in a major pay per view and he is still undefeated in WWE Wrestlemania for 19 years. So his match will be of epic proportions so he should be a part of the wrestlemania main event.

What is the undertakers record in the WWE?

He currently has an 18-0 streak on WrestleMania.

Will undertaker leave wwe after WrestleMania 28?

yeah. he is going to leave wwe at Wrestlemania 28 with a streak 20.0