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Who has the most aircraft carriers?

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Where are aircraft carriers used most?

in the sea

What was the most important weapons of World War 2?

Aircraft carriers (aircraft).

Where are aircraft carriers?

There are aircraft carriers all over the world. America has about 16 of various types. Many other countries also have aircraft carriers.

When were aircraft carriers first used?

Click on the link to your right for the history of aircraft carriers.

Do aircraft carriers launch off planes?

No, but planes launch off of aircraft carriers.

How Japanese Aircraft Carriers did the US sink?

Japan had a total of 25 Aircraft Carriers and Light Carriers in WWII of which 20 were sunk.

What are facts about aircraft carriers?

The only war in history fought between aircraft carriers was WWII.

Why is there so few aircraft carriers?

In World War 2 there were few aircraft carriers because the US had not built up their aircraft carrier fleet because the Americans were not willing to fight in the war. Now we have thousands of aircraft carriers around the world. Oh, in the Forties the use of aircraft carriers was still relatively new. They still thought destroyers won the wars when in reality it is the aircraft carriers that do the bulk of the work.

Are there Starbucks on aircraft carriers?

Some carriers do have Starbucks on them, but not all.

Do the Navy have Aircraft Carriers?

Yes, the navy do have Aircaft Carriers.

When were naval carriers invented?

If you are referring to Aircraft Carriers, they were invented in the early 1920's. Most large navies had a few by 1927.

What are wave carriers?

Wave carriers are aircraft carriers that are being crushed by giant waves.

How many aircraft carriers did Japan have when they attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941?

Answer6 Aircraft Carriers

List british worl war 2 aircraft carriers?

Websites abound on lists of Warships and Aircraft Carriers.

How many planes do navy ships carry?

Aircraft carriers normally carry LESS than 100 aircraft. This includes WW2 aircraft carriers.

Most important warships in the pacific war?

The aircraft carriers. Carriers were also the most important warships in the Atlantic theater; they hunted down and killed U-Boats. Aircraft Carriers can kill: 1. Submarines 2. Battleships 3. Cruisers 4. Destroyers 5. Patrol Boats 6. Merchant Ships 7. Coastal Defense Ships 8. Other Aircraft Carriers 9. Carriers can also attack & destroy small cities

How many aircraft carriers are there in the world regardless of nationality?

I know the United States has 9 aircraft carriers. Rest of the world??

Who builds US aircraft carriers?

American Aircraft Carriers are built by Newport News Shipbuilding, which is a subsidiary of Northrop Grumond.

Can Aircraft Carriers take a lot of punishments?

Yes they can. Aircraft Carriers can handle lots and lots of punishments in order to sink.

Which country has more aircraft carriers?

U.s has more aircraft carriers as compare to other countries of the world.

Does Germany have aircraft carriers today?


What is a catapult used for today in war?

Launching aircraft from aircraft carriers.

How many of Japan's aircraft carriers were lost at midway?

Four fleet carriers

How many aircraft does an aircraft carrier usually carry?

All aircraft carriers are different. There is no "norm".

How many aircraft can a Chinese aircraft carrier carries?

chinese have to aircraft carriers, to date. But building them!