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there are approxmently of 1000 in the world

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What are the smallest dogs in the world?

chihuhuas are some of the most smallest dogs in the world

What is the world record for the most dogs?

It is over 600 dogs you idiot*****************

Are Jack Russells the most intelligent dogs in the world?

Border Collies are probably the most intelligent dogs.

What are the most popular pets in the world?

cats are the most popular pets in the world. Then dogs

What is the most popular animal in world?

Dogs are considered the most popular animals in the world

What are the most common dogs in the world?


Which is the most humble animal in the world?


Why do dogs have exercise?

Dogs are the creatures who have the most energy in the world you need to get it out of them or they will go crazy

What is the most loved animal in the world?

Unicorns and dogs

Who is the person with the most dogs in the world?

Ete and Ting

What is the most forgiving animal in the world?

Dogs, probably.

Are cows the most lovable animal in the world?

No. Dogs are probably the most lovable animal in the world, not cows.

Why are pitbulls rottweilers and German shephards listed as the most dangerous dogs?

pit bulls are dangerous but are not the most dangerous dogs in the world

Who holds the world record for eating the most hot dogs?

Takeru Kobayashi currently holds the world record for most hot dogs eaten in 10 minutes. (69)

Do people like dogs?

Yes, many people do like dogs. Dogs, along with cats, are the most popular pets in the world.

What is the most strongest dog in the world?

rottweilers are the most strongest dogs in the world pittbulls are the second and GermanShepperds' are the third

Which breeds of dogs are the most famous in the world why?

Maltese Terriers!

Who likes dogs the most in the world?

anyone who owns one

In what part of the world are dogs most commonly abused?


What are the most powerful 10 dogs in the world?

Kangal anatolian

Are dachsands cute?

Yes they are the most cute dogs in the world

What does the world like more cat or dog?

Most families have dogs so I would have to say dogs.

What is the most popular dogs in the world?

2nd Answer: The dog you love most.... 1st Answer: dalmatians

What is the world's most popular animal?

The most popular animal in the world is dogs and dolphin.

What types of dogs are in the world and how many?

how many: around 900 at the most. what types: sporting dogs ( or gun dogs ), miniature dogs, spaniels, hounds, working dogs, herding dogs, terrieres, toy dogs, and sleigh dogs.

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