Who has won the most games between the Packers and the Bears?

The Chicago Bears currently lead the series 89-79-6.

The well known Chicago Bears, some say the greatest team to ever play football, have beat the Green Gay Fudge Packers so harshly because they are simply amazing. To watch this NFL team devour and torment the simpleton people of Green Bay is a spectacle indeed, and awe inspiring at it's deepest effect.

The Chicago Bears also hold the record for MOST WINS IN THE NFL, with 868 wins. This can also be held as evidence to the fact that the Chicago Bears are literally, and factually the greatest football franchise to have ever been formed.

The Bears have held more NFL greats than any other team, with names like, Jim McMahon, the amazing kick/punt returner Devin Hester, Lance Briggs, William "The Refrigerator" Perry, Mike Brown, Line Backer Brian Urlacher, Mike Singletary, Mike Ditka, Gale Sayers, Dick Butkis, and of course, some say the greatest to ever play the game, number 34, Walter Payton.