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Q: Who helped Oscar the grouch get around?
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What is Oscar the Grouch's new name?

Oscar the Grouch, smeghead.

When was Oscar the Grouch created?

Oscar the Grouch was created in 1969.

What is the color of Oscar the grouch?

Oscar the Grouch is mottled olive green.

Who was grouch in sesame street?

Oscar the Grouch

Why does Oscar the grouch live in a garbage bin?

Because if he didn't, he would be known as "Oscar the grouch". He would just be known as "Oscar".

Is Oscar the grouch ocar the nice now?

of course not!Hes a grouch

What does Oscar the grouch eat?


Where to buy an Oscar the grouch?

A store

How old is Oscar the grouch?


Why is Oscar such a grouch?

He lives in a Trash Can

Why do you call people Oscar?

You would use it to call someone who was a grouch, after Oscar the Grouch, a muppet character who was typically embodied the disposition.

When is Oscar the grouch birthday?

June 1

Who is Oscar grouch?

a monster that lives in a trash can

What is the origanal color of oscar the grouch?


What color is Oscar the Grouch?

clover green

Who is the voice of Oscar the grouch?

Caroll Spinney.

In what does Oscar the Grouch live?

He lives in a trash can

What was the original color of Oscar the Grouch?


Is Oscar the grouch real?

No, he's a puppet.

Was Oscar the grouch canceled?

yes they canceled Oscar the grouch some parents belived his sardonic use of hatred wasent "approprate" for their children

When was Oscar the Grouch born?

Oscar the Grouch is a Muppet character on the television program Sesame Street. His first appearance was on November 10, 1969.

Who is Oscar from sesame street?

the puppet that lived in the garbage can. aka: Oscar the grouch

Who lives in a trash can on a sesame street?

Oscar the grouch

What is Oscar the grouch favorite song?

I love trash

Who is the grumpy character in sesame street?

Oscar the Grouch