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Who hires at 15?


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In many states, workers can be hired at age 15. The jobs available for young teens are usually in fast food and retail positions.


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Chick-fil-a hires kids at 15, i think. Publix (i know it isn't a restaurant) hires at 15 as well.

All i know of is Sonic and United.

double daves hires at 15 and kids station hires at 14... im looking for a job to and that's all i got so far...

I know for sure that Chick-fil-A hires at age 15 and local groceries hires at the age usually for baggers. Hope this helps.

well where i live in Columbia, SC Auntie M's, in the mall, hires at 15

ok so I only know a couple there is Publix which hires at 15 ,Kroger's which hires at 14 then I think regal cinemas ( like opry mills etc.) hires at 15, sonic hires at 15. that's all I can remember off the top of my head, but once school starts back up you could probably ask your guidance counselor or office secretary if they have a job list. its a list of places and ages next to it. sorry I couldn't be more help.

hueytown is hiring at publix

the unitedsupermarkets tgi and sears

No, you must be 18 to work in a Family Dollar Store.

andersons frozen custard hires at 15 for bussers

The Jack Benny Program - 1950 Jack Hires a Cook 15-10 was released on: USA: 27 November 1964

I'm assuming you mean Topeka, Kansas. I know that Burger King hires at 14, and Dillions hires at 15. Other than that, jobs are pretty limited unless you're 16. Good luck!

Price Chopper in Essex hires 15 year olds as baggers.

Brusters hires at 15 and I believe winn dixie does as well.

Yes, Kroger hires from 14 years old.

Blue Bayou hires 15 year olds. The work season is May 5 - September 3 at $4 an hour with a $2 an hour bonus at the end of the season. Ralph's Supermarket also hires 15 year olds.

Silverwood Hires at 13 I believe but that's in Idaho

hotdog on a stick, and safeway. that i know of. Amc also hires at 15.

Some places, you have to be 15 1/2 or 16 but not 15. the only place that hires at 15 is Orange Julius and only for holiday help!

I know that HEB hires at 16 and so does McDonalds, but I have not yet heard about any that are hiring at the age of 15...

I don't think anyone does! Believe me, I've tried!

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