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Willie Stargell holds the record for the most home-runs hit at Three Rivers Stadium. He played his entire Major League Baseball career as left-fielder and first baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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What are three dodgers to hit 30 homeruns in a single season?

Ron Cey, Steve Garvey and Eric Karros with Ron cey having the most homeruns at dodger stadium

Who has the Most career homeruns by a catcher?

Ivan Rodriguez:he has hit 309 homeruns and has the most homeruns for a cather

Who has the most homeruns in the MLB?

This is correct that Barry Bonds has the most homeruns, but he used steroids, so the player with the most homeruns (without using steroids) is Hank Aaron.

What are the three most important rivers in Africa?

The Nile, the Niger, and the Congo Rivers are three most important rivers of Africa.

Who has the most career homeruns and batted in?

although barry bonds has the most career homeruns with 762 hank aaron has the most RBI's

Which city in America is known by its Three Rivers location?

The phrase "Three Rivers" is associated with the location of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.The three rivers in Pittsburgh are the Monongahela River, the Allegheny River and the Ohio River.The phrase "Three Rivers" has obviously been in use since Whites entered the area. But by the 1970s, it became a marketing campaign strategy. From events like The Three Rivers Arts Festival, every imaginable business and endeavor was named Three Rivers ___. Three Rivers Stadium, now torn down, was home to the Pittsburgh Pirates (baseball) and was one of the most famous places.

Most homeruns by a pitcher?


What players have most homeruns and hits?

Barry Bonds 762 homeruns Pete Rose 4256 hits

Who has the most Homeruns as a second baseman?

Jeff Kent holds the record for the most Homeruns hit as a 2nd basemen, he hit 351 Homeruns while playing 2nd base for the Mets, the Giants, the Astros and the Dodgers.

Who has the most MLB homeruns?

Barry bonds

What baseball player has the most career home runs as a Pirate?

Willie Stargell has the most career Homeruns as a Pirate with 475 Homeruns in his career as a Pirate.

Most homeruns in an inning - Major League Baseball?

Alex rodriguez with 2 homeruns and 7 RBI's in 2009

What are the three most important rivers in South Asia?

The three most important rivers areThe Indus River, the Gangus River and the Brahmaputra River.

Who has the most career homeruns?

Barry Bonds, with 762.

What is the world record for most homeruns in little league?

Anthony Rallo hit 29 homeruns in one season, playing 23 games.

What are the three most popular rivers in Switzerland?


What are the three most important US rivers that flow south?

the Mississippi river, Ohio river, and the missouririver are the three most important rivers in the U.S. that flow south.

What are the three major rivers of south Asia?

The three most important rivers are the Indus River, the Ganges River and the Brahmaputra River.

Where are the three most important rivers in south Asia?

Gangus,Brahmaputra and Indus are the three most important rivers in Asia.Indus is located in Pakistan,Gangus and Brahmaputra are located in India.

Who hit the most homeruns ever?

Hank Arron Bary Bonds

Who hit the most homeruns in a season?

Barry Bonds with 73 in 2001

When did baseball become famous?

most likely when Babe Ruth got sold to the Yankees and staring hitting Homeruns like no tomorrow, and by no tomorrow, i mean he was hitting more homeruns that whole teams were, and, back then 50 homeruns, was ALOT! considering that players around that time usually got only 10 at most

Which New York Yankee has hit the most post season home runs?

Bernie Williams has hit the most postseason homeruns for the Yankees with 22. Mickey Mantle has hit the most World Series homeruns in baseball history with 18.

Who has the most homeruns?

Barry Bonds but he cheated by using roids so Hank Aaron should have the most

Is Ryan howard good?

yes he is so amazing! he has the most homeruns out of the whole team and the most RBI's !!!

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