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Q: Who in order gets eliminated from Big Brother 10?
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How do you say big brother in Tamil?

you say ''anna'' in order to say big brother in tamil

What do you said to primo the big brother Pokemon Heart Gold?

it doesn't matter but he gets you on T.V

What is big brother in bengali?

big brother

Why is big brother called big brother?

From George Orwell's "1984" Big Brother is Watching you!

What is the Gaelic term for Big Brother or the translation for Big brother?

Is there going to be a big brother 13. yes or no.

What is the difference between big brother and celebrity big brother?

in big brother they have normal people on it and in celebrity big brother there are all celebrities living in the house

Pranks for big brothers?

Get all of your brother's clothes and switch is with your mom's so instead of underwear he gets a bra

Has Keith lemon been on big brother?

Yes he was on big brother in 2010 he was 37 when he went on big brother

When was My Big Brother created?

My Big Brother was created in 2005.

When did My Big Brother happen?

My Big Brother happened in 2005.

How old do you have to be to get a big brother from the big brother big sister program?

you need to be 18.

What eliminated American idol contestants made it big?


When does big brother 10 start?

Big Brother 10 has already started and ended. It started in April of 2013. The most current season of Big Brother is Big Brother 12.

Who wins on big brother tonight?

Ian won Big Brother

What is big brother in spanish?

In Spanish "big brother" is: hermano grande

Who was the winner of big brother 6?

Haydn won big brother

Will there be a big brother next year?

there will be no big brother next year

Who commentates on big brother?

Marcus Bentley (UK Big Brother).

Is there a Big Brother DS game?

if you are talking about the show big brother then no.

When is the next big brother for 2011?

Big brother is on 17TH august

What is your father's big brother called?

Your father's big brother is your uncle.

How are Jedward doing in Big Brother?

jedward are not in big brother now

Does Big Sean have brother?

Yes, Big Sean has a little brother.

What age do you have to be to volunteer to be a Big Brother Big Sister?

You have to be at least 18 to join big brother

Why do they call the TV show Big Brother Big Brother?

They call it "Big Brother" because the older brother is normally the one who watches everyone and keeps eye over everybody. And due to the fact that cameras are all over the Big Brother household, it refers to the term big brother.