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In the early 1880s, Dr. C. D. Fleet invented Chapstick. He was a physician from Lynchburg, Virginia.

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Q: Who invented Chap Stick?
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Who invented lip balm?

In the early 1880's, Dr. C. D. Fleet invented lip balm, but called it chap stick. == ==

Can chap stick heal a cold sore?

Chap stick won't heal a cold sore.

Do chap stick cure cold sores?

Chap stick won't cure a cold sore.

How do I get a chap stick atain out if my pants?

You can use stain remover to remove a chap stick stain.

Who owns chapstick?

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare owns Chap stick as a brand name. Fareva Richmond manufactures and packages Chap Stick. Pfizer has owned Chap stick since 2009.

How dangerous is chap stick to dogs?

Chap stick is not dangerous to dogs. It CAN be though. Not alot.

How do you say chap stick in french?

"Baume pour les lèvres" is the closest translation of chap stick.

How do you eat when you have chap stick on?

you just either take it off, or eat with it on and risk licking the chap stick off your lips.

What is a good substitute for chap stick?

vaseline is a very good subsitute for chap stick but it makes your lips very shiny:)

What did people use before chap stick was invented?

they used carmex... i think... anyways i just answered my iown question... hehehe... =]

Is it like kissing someone when you use there chap stick?

No, kissing is defined to be directly pressing ones lips onto another, not the chap stick.

What if the baby ate chap stick?

If a baby ate chap stick it would have a reaction and grow into the hulk then it would attack the planet and kill everyone. So don't let babies near chap stick. P.S. It would have a dick like Jesus

Do you put chap stick on pimples?


How do you make chap stick?

With beeswax.

Is Chap Stick addicting?


Is there such thing as edible chap-stick?

Solution! Eat a tube of m&m flavored chap-stick, wait about 20 minutes, walk into the bathroom, and wait... you know where this is going

Why was lip balm invented?

Hi, In the early 1880's, Dr. C. D. Fleet invented lip balm, but called it chap stick. It was said to have been made for himself out of bee's wax and honey :D

Where was chap stick made?

Lynchburg, Virginia

What is in chap stick?

Wax, softeners and fragrance.

Chap Stick does it contain sugar?


Does chap stick contain bull sperm?


Can chap stick alter a breathalyer?

no not by my research

What is the best treatment for a cold sore?

Just put good chap stick on like Burt's bees or some type of medicated chap stick and try not kiss anyone

What is chap stick made out of?

horses pop and lots of it

What is chap stick made from?

sunscreen, shampoo, exc.