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Who invented Globa warming?

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Why is burning paper bad for the environment?

It emmit co2 tothe air. It is a reason for globa warming.

How are polar bears are killed by globa warming?

ice is melting and there is no place for polar bears to mate and rest after feeding

Discipline invented by eugen warming?


What is it meant by latitude?

Latitude is what you mesure at the globa at the side also north amd west

Was anything invented specifically to help global warming?

There was one thing to help and that is recycling.

Why did dean kamen invent segways?

He invented because he wanted to save world from global warming

What is global warming warming?

The warming caused by Global Warming.

Who came up with the computer?

Al Gore, right after he invented the wheel. After the computer, he continued to to invent the internet, and then global warming.

How is global warming affecting the air?

Global warming is warming the air. It is also warming the land and the oceans.

What are misconceptions about global warming?

Global warming is not important.Global warming isn't happening.Global warming is happening but it's not our fault.Global warming is happening but we can't do anything about it.Scientists are not sure about global warming.

Can the world explode by the effect of global warming?

No the warming is only a warming of the atmosphere.

What layer is a concern for global warming?

The troposphere is warming because of global warming.

Is global warming a pollution?

Global warming in itself isn't pollution - global warming is the gradual warming of the earth. However, global warming was caused by carbon dioxide pollution in the atmosphere, but global warming in itself isn't a pollution. yes it is a pollution

What is gradual warming of Earth's surface?

The gradual warming of earths surface is called global warming.

What is the cause of the warming of the atmosphere?

Global Warming. Due to global warming, ice in the polar region is melting

What is the name giving to the gradual warming of the earth?

The name given to the gradual warming of the Earth is "Global Warming."

What is a word or phrase that has the same meaning as global warming?

The answer you are looking for is climate change.However, the question is incorrect. Global warming is not the same as climate change. Global warming is the warming of the earth. Climate change is the result of this warming.

Is condensation a cooling or warming process?

It is a warming process.

What is the gradual warming of the earth called?

Global Warming

What is the scientific name for global warming?

global warming

Global warming in Malayalam language?

global warming

What is Global Warming and is it real?

global warming is real

What special name is given for global warming?

There is no special name for global warming. Global warming means what it says, the whole earth is warming up. You may be thinking of climate change, but this is a result of global warming, and not the same thing.

What are people who don't believe in global warming called?

Global warming skeptics (or sceptics)Global warming deniers.

Is the warming of the sea caused by global warming?

The warming of the sea is part of global warming. If the earth warms up, then the oceans warm up too (but a little more slowly).