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Patents for Maglev trains were issued as early as 1905, But the first person to demonstrated a prototype of a magnetic levitating railway car was Emile Bachelet, of Mount Vernon, N. Y. in 1913.

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Q: Who invented Maglev trains?
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Who is the inventor of maglev trains?

The maglev train was first invented in 1902 . It was invented by a guy named Alfred Zehan OF GERMANY… and invented in japan

When were trains first invented?

== == The very first trains were designed around 1825. Then in 1829 people were allowed to ride trains. Diesel and electric trains were invented somewhere around the 1950's. The maglev dates back to 1930. Trains were invented around 1825. People were allowed to ride the trains in 1829. Maglev trains date back to 1930. Diesel and electric trains were invented in the 1950's.

What countries do maglev trains come from?

maglev trains are made in china or Italy

How can maglev trains help your country?

Maglev trains do not use gas, so they are good for the environment.

Will maglev trains come to India WHEN?

maglev trains will appear very soon in NCR regions

Where were maglev trains invented?

The Maglev train (also known as the Magnetic Levitation train) was invented in Germany, by a man named Alfred Zehden, in 1902.+++The Linear Motor which is used to propel the levitated trains, was invented in Britain, in the 1960s I think, but sadly not developed japan The technology in use for the Japanese MagLev was invented by two US inventors and was sold to the Japanese when no US investors could be found to proceed with a full-scale maglev in the US. The American prototype maglev train they made was only 3 feet long. A German maglev, using a different technology, was invented and built at about the same time, with the German maglev in use prior to the Japanese maglev.

Are there maglev trains in Singapore?


What are bad things about Maglev trains?

Maglev trains require a dedicated right-of-way and environment which is both costly and severely impacts the appearance and view along its entire right-of-way. There are no bad things that are obvious about maglev trains, only the system and environment upon which the maglev trains are operated.

When were maglev trains invented?

== == The Maglev train was first invented in 1902. It was invented from a German man named Alfred Zehden of Germany.The first operational Maglev train was The Transrapid 05used at the International Transport Exhibition in 1979; and later used a s a commuter transport in Kassel, Germany.

How do you people get on maglev trains?

They get on from an opening passage way that comes out of the maglev train

Where are maglev trains found in the world?

the maglev train is located in shanghai china.

Can maglev trains travel faster than conventional trains?


Where are Maglev trains found?

Germany and Japan operate Maglev trains, however, they are also in operation (small scale) in Great Britain.

What are maglev trains?

# It is a Magnetic Levatation train.

What countries have the maglev trains?

Germany and France

Who developed maglev trains?

Alfred zehdan

Which countries use Maglev trains?


Which country has the most maglev trains?


Why are maglev trains used?

Maglev: Magnetic Leviation. Maglev trains are used due to following advantages: Better balance due to magnetism. Can attain extremely high speeds due no NO FRICTION.

What was discovered in 1911 that led to maglev trains being invented?

Electromagnetism was discovered in 1911 and it led to the mag-lev trains. These trains made rail travel much faster and used less energy.

How are maglev trains powered?

Any electrical source.

Which trains do not have wheels?

Bullet train(dubai)These are known as MagLev trains. For Magnetic Levitation.

What makes flying trains and maglev trains good?

Very low coefficient of friction.

How fast does the Maglev go in shanghai?

These Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) trains goes up to 431kph/267.8mph

What is a maglev car?

Maglev stands for Magnetic Levitation which is occasionally used in trains. I haven't heard of a maglev car but I suppose it is based on the same principal.