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your mum your mum

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Q: Who invented Shoe lasts?
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When was the first shoe invented?

when was the first shoe invented

What skate shoe lasts the longest?


Who invented the shoe in London?

The shoe that was invented in London was Thomas Beard.

Where was the first Nike shoe invented?

the Nike shoe was invented in Hayward field

Who invented the shoe laster?

The 'Shoe Laster' was invented by Jan Ernst Matzeliger

When was the first addidas shoe invented?

the first Adidas shoe was invented in 1941

When was the shoe-lasting machine invented?

The shoe-lasting machine was invented in 1882

Who invented the shoe machine?

whats the shoe machine

Who invented Jordans?

Michael Jordan invented the Jordan shoe, but Nike is who currently makes the shoe.

Who invented the shoe?

The shoe wasn't invented by one person in particular, it just evolved over time.

Who invented a lasting machine that stitched up a shoe?

Jan Ernst Matzeliger invented the Shoe Laster.

Who made more money the man who invented the shoe lace or the man who invented shoe lace tips?

The man who invented the shoelace tips.

Who invented the first shoe?

the shoe wasn't invented by one person inparticular, it just evolved over time

WHERE was the first shoe invented?

shoe were invented way back then in the B.C but in the 19 century it was upgraded to a new fashion look

When was the shoe invented?

Shoes were used by our ancient ancestors, we do not know who made the first shoe.The shoe wasn't invented by one person in particular, it just evolved over time.

When was a shoe making machine invented?

the shoe making machine was made in 1886.

Who invented the shoe making machine that increases the speed of shoe making?


Who Invented the shoe brand toms?

Blake Mycoskie was the founder of the shoe company.

What year was the shoe invented?


Who invented a shoe?

Your mother jordan

When was the shoe horn invented?


When was the shoe buckle invented?

The 1700s

Who invented the buckle shoe?

the dearer

What year was the shoe making machine invented?

After doing research I've figured out that the shoe making machine was invented in the year 1742.

In which country were shoe horns invented?

It is difficult to say where shoe horns were invented, since they've been around for a very long time. Shoe horns are available for purchase on eBay or Amazon.