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Who invented business cards?

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business cards started from calling cards. They were fancy cards that woman would where on there wrists. They had her name, address and who her father was..along with were she was born.. Example: Sarah Mcklilin 314 ronchester valley Daughter of Michael Mcklilin From the Winchester Fins

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Can you make business cards at vistaprintcom?

Yes, you can make business cards at Vistaprint. They offer free business cards and also premium business cards. They also allow you to make folded business cards.

When to use MD after a medical doctor's name?

On business cards and professional related documentation.On business cards and professional related documentation.On business cards and professional related documentation.On business cards and professional related documentation.On business cards and professional related documentation.On business cards and professional related documentation.

Where could someone purchase bulk business greeting cards to send clients?

A company named Posty Cards allows one to purchase bulk greeting cards to send clients. The greeting cards include business birthday cards, business thank you cards and business sympathy cards.

Where can I get business cards online?

You can find business cards online. You can find these business cards at,,, and

Where could one purchase business cards in Chicago?

One can purchase business cards online from multiple companies that specialize in the making of business cards. In Chicago you can go to a store such as Staple's to have business cards made.

Who sells glossy business cards?

Glossy cards are business cards printed on a higher quality paper than most business cards are printed on. Gotprint sells them, but I don't think you can get glossy cards everywhere.

What size is business cards?

Business cards are normally 85mm x 55mm.

Where can one get massage business cards made?

One can get massage business cards made by visiting vista print online. They can also get massage business cards by visiting staples and also by visiting business cards online.

Who invented game cards?

Ferninad Magellan invented game cards! It's true!

How can someone get business cards overnight?

Business cards can be printed overnight by the following companies: Overnight Prints, Hallmark Business Expressions, Image Media Company, Business Cards Today.

What credit cards offer business rewards?

There are different kinds of credit cards which offer business rewards. A couple of these cards are the TD Business Credit Card and CIBC Business Visa.

Where can you purchase business cards that resemble US government business cards?

A person can purchase business cards that resemble US government business cards through Vista Print. As of July 2013, the cost will vary depending on the design.

What companies sell business Thanksgiving cards?

Companies that sell business Thanksgiving cards include Business Greetings and Executive Greeting Cards. Other examples include Haskell and Signature Cards.

Where can one purchase cheap business cards?

There are a few different places one can purchase cheap business cards. Many local printing shops have an inexpensive line of business cards available for order. But the best place to get cheap business cards would be online at Vistaprint where 250 business cards start at $10.00. They often have business cards available for free, so you will try them out.

Where can black business cards be purchased online?

There are quite a few sites that sell business cards online. Zazzle sells quality business cards and Vista Print does as well. Either one is a solid choice for black business cards.

Are business check cards worth having?

Yes, business check cards are worth having. One can use business check cards for special purposes such as running their own small business or even a larger business.

Are business cards needed to do business?

Yep. Business cards are very vital to do business because they keep business information about a company or individual readily accessible.

Where can one get business cards printed?

You may get business cards printed at the Staples website, where they offer customization options for the business cards and many templates for you to choose from and change.

How can I get free business cards sent to me?

There is not a way to get free business cards sent to you. The only way to get business card is to pay for them.

Does Zazzle make business cards?

Yes! And I create and order my own business cards from Zazzle.

Where can you make free business cards?

One can make free business cards by using your own printer, if you have a software, you can create and design your own business cards and print them out easily.

What are the benefits of full color business cards?

Full color business cards bolster the clarity of any images on business cards. It also makes the business card stand out and appeal more to the target audience.

Where can one order Vistaprint business cards from?

One can order Vistaprint business cards online at their website which offers many different types of cards. Some business cards through the Vistaprint website are even free!

What information will be required for an application for business credit cards?

The information that will be required for an application for business credit cards is type of business you do and your income.

Do any companies supply free business cards?

Moo, which is a UK business card company is currently offering a sample pack of 10 free Moo business cards. If you like these business cards they then offer bigger packages of up to 200-500 cards.

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