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Who invented computer scanners?

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Who invented scanners

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How are police scanners and computer scanners different?

Police scanners check for police radar beams so that a person knows whether or not they are being monitored. A computer scanners scans a physical document and makes it into a computer document.

Types of computer scanners?

There are 3 types of scanners currently being sold on the market. These scanners are photo scanners, paper fed scanners, and hand held scanners.

Which year were bar code scanners invented?

invented in 1952

What are scanners?

a scanners is a machine what copies an image to the computer so you can edit it or send it to a freind

How Have Scanners Evolved?

There are various ways in which computer scanners have evolved over the years. For example, they have gotten more compact.

When were bar code scanners invented?

They were invented in the early 1980s and were in stores all over the country by the mid 1980s. They made things much easier for cashiers and much faster for computer processing on all items.

Where are computer scanners used?

Anywhere, and by anyone, who wants to scan an image into a computer. =D

What is Virus Scanners?

They Scan Your Computer And Alert You When You Have A Virus.....Sort Of Like a Security System For Your Computer

Do scanners only connect to newer computers?

Scanners will connect to most any computer that has a USB connection, these days. Older scanners may only connect to computers with a parallel port, however.

Is the computer invented or not?

Yes, the computer is invented.

What does a dentist use?

they use scanners and computer! snd teeth brushurs!

Why are scanners classified as input devices?

As information goes from scanner IN to computer

Number of PET scanners in Germany?

79 PET (Positronen-Emissions-Computer-Tomographen) scanners in 2007 according to Buzze

Are scanners an input or output device?

Scanners are input devices. They take the data from text or photos and convert it to information the computer can use. Scanners are often a part of combination devices that include printers, and printers are output devices. The scanner portion sends what is on the page to the computer, and the printer portion takes what is in the computer and provides output in the form of a printed page.

What term refers to the computer as well as components such as printers scanners and speakers?


What are the four example of computer accessories?

Printers, speakers, scanners, headsets etc.

Do computer scanners need ink to scan photographs?

scanners dnt use ink as no output is formed in the form of hard copy , these just form the image

What can be added to home computer to improve level of security?

you can have virus scanners to scan if there is virus and to block the virus from coming into your computer some virus scanners are for a free trial so you could probably find one online

When computer was invented and who invented it?

The computer was invented in 1940 by John wireless

Why An wang invented the computer?

he did not Charles Babbage invented the computer, an wang just invented a computer program

Why do desktop publishers use scanners?

Scanning is a popular way to get images into the computer for use in computer crafts and desktop publishing.

Who invented Samsung computer?

who invented lg computer



Name computer peripherals?

Printers, Scanners, Tape Drives, Web Cams, etc.

What are the advantages of computer networks?

expensive peripheral devices such as laser printers and scanners can be shared.